Saturday, 18 July 2009


Treefest: Day One debrief

Weather fail:

Attendence fail:

Rail fail:

I orderd two extra rails on Wednesday, with overnight shipping. They're not getting delivered until Monday. My rail is c-r-o-w-d-e-d.

Table fail:

Laundry line fail:

The arrows indicate how they took turns getting blown up onto the tent roof and then sticking on the wet canvas

Competition fail

Child labour law fail

It's a shame that Failblog has already been registered or I'd be snapping that shit right up.


  1. Am so sorry for your bad day, will be keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine for day 2.

  2. What is it with you and the weather??!!! Hope its better tomorrow. Will keep everything crossed. x

  3. Good lord woman... are you cursed?!!

    I guess it's your punishment for being so gloriously talented...

    Sending some Aussie sunshine your way for Day 2.

    Good luck!


  4. It's your fault I can't go on holiday, you curse the weather. It's always bright skies and sunshine until you talk about fairs :p

    Hope you're having a quiet night of relaxation, wine and chocolate x

  5. At least Maia is utterly adorable in her Echino Cars work apron. So cute!! Good luck for tomorrow!

  6. Oh you poor soul - and to think I was watching the weather today thinking "I bet Treefest's going well..." - I'm beginning to think you have your own weather system!

    Hopefully tomorrow will bring sunshine and happy, wealthy and enthusiastic customers who recognise the hard work and skill that goes into what you do.

  7. OH NO! Well at least the late nights were worth it if only for the Criminal Minds cutie!.......Wishing you Better weather & customers for day 2 x Kym

  8. Argh! But fantastic set of pics showing just how everything can go wrong!

    I too have had the heart-sink of being next door to someone selling the same type of things as me but at 'bargain' prices . . .

  9. Oh noooo! Hope day2 is better....

  10. They don't know what they are missing! I hope there's none left but if there are, when you listing the gorgeous t's for my boys???

  11. Poor wet table fail.... but you make it all seem so funny. I'm sure it's not at the time!

  12. oh poor you, these reminds me sooooo much of the one craft fair i had the courage to go to. it rained sooooooo heavy that the tarpaulin roof was sagging and risked flooding the entire tent, we had to sporadically push all the water of the roof! there was lightening, thunder and unsurprisingly very few customers! well done you for sticking it out!