Tuesday, 25 August 2009


If found, please return to owner

Anyone seen my mojo? I've always found it hard to get back into things after a long hiatus, and it's no different this time. Despite being back in the UK for almost a week, my website it still down and all my shops are still shut. I haven't sewn in almost a month and I'm needing kick in the backside to get my momentum going again.

So let's do some navel-gazing. Here are the culprits for my inertia:
  1. We brought back Series One on DVD and I'm hooked: But the tide might be turning, we only have a couple left and Steven was more interested in watching football last night than having another marathon. Perfect opportunity to sew, right?

  2. Nope, I started reading this over the weekend: And stayed up to 3AM last night finishing it (thank you, jet lag). Awesome book.

  3. So my nights might be full of vampires and Swedish thrillers, but surely I could still get my shops up and running again during the day, right? Step forward, needy children: After a month of at least one adult giving them their undivided attention all of the time, they've forgotten that they could play nicely independently or with each other for maybe 15 minutes or something. Don't get me wrong, I like Hide and Seek as much as the next woman, but two hours is pretty excessive when they hide in the same freakin' spot every time and Jamie tells me where to hide before counting.
I'm confident(ish) I'll get my mojo back, but what's going to be the first thing I make? Something like this is tempting:

But before I can overhaul my wardrobe with a Homesick t-shirt, I absolutely need to do something about my accessories situation. Yes, it is serious enough that it's now deemed a 'situation'. As you might know, I hardly ever sew anything for myself. I don't normally have the time, I don't want to 'waste' my fabric on me, and I completely lack the confidence to try to make what I see in my head. Or even recreate something physical, right in front of me.

No matter what Picked Weasel says, I'm not cool. But even I know the difference between shabby chic:

From Wheatie Bags on Folksy

And just plain shabby:

And the difference between distressed:
And distressing:

That's right, folks. Those specimens are my everyday bag, and my wallet. I've had them for about five years each and it shows. They embarrass me, they embarrass my husband. I tried to buy suitable replacements on Etsy, but in actual fact I want exact replicas. So I'm gonna have to make them myself. And I'm seriously obsessing about it. Any advice from bag or wallet makers? Or does anyone just fancy kicking me in the bum and get me moving again?


  1. Your purse and bag look just like mine!! Not sure how you get your mojo back. Actually being a pattern tester for you got mine back a while ago. Having to stop and make something completely different to the usual things I make really inspired me to try new things and I'm really enjoying sewing again. Maybe you just need to do something different just for you so get designing that new bag and purse!

  2. You are cool, you're just in denial :) Could you maybe take the bag apart to see how it's made? Or would that be a bit like dismembering a close friend?
    If all else fails you could put a custom request in on Etsy...

  3. That bag is ace!! I want to make one, or at least have a go. This is not, however, an offer, to make because I am super-busy and you would get it this time next year.
    I had super huge loss of mojo when we got back. In fact we've been back a week and three days and I am still struggling. Get kicking your ass a bit more. I need to get into bed before midnight, that might help to start with then stop faffing on the 'net!

  4. Ohhh im loving True blood as well! I can only get weekly instalments on FX though! Your handbag looks a lot like mine!!!

  5. I like that bag. Whem you replace it, tell me which charity shop you give it to and I'll be right there.

  6. Mojo's are buggers for wandering off ...
    I have mine on a very short leash.

    I would like to introduce you to a new bloggy friend I have made.
    Her name is Laura, and you are both too similar to not get to know each other's blogs.


  7. I made an awesome wallet from this tute:

    My navel-gazing is just about to begin - the new series of dexter, it's always sunny in philadelphia, ANTM (oh dear...), Jon & Kate Plus 8 (oh dear oh dear...), parks and recreations and House are all starting soon and I don't think I'll end up leaving the house. Hence I've ordered a crochet octopus kit that I can do whilst slobbing on the TV!

    Love your site by the way, sorry for the random musing...


  8. um, yeah, forgot to post the link for the wallet. Here it is: http://elily00.wordpress.com/tutorials/wallet/