Sunday, 30 August 2009


No one can say I didn't try

A great big thank you to everyone who left comments and advice on my bag-in-progress post. Except for Nifty, who can basically bog off for offering to buy it for two quid. That wouldn't even cover the cost of the thread I ripped out. But I did indeed persevere, and this is the finished article:

If you can tear yourself away from the fact my t-shirt is massively unflattering and I appear to have no legs, you will see that I put two short straps perpendicular to the base (as per my over-loved bag), and a long strap through the rings. I wear my bags across my chest rather than over a shoulder. Not only does that mean that it isn't constantly falling off when I'm pushing the buggy / dragging children by the hand but it highlights to innocent bystanders (yes, I mean you, pervy janitor) that I have two breasts and not a massive uni-boob.

The lining is rather pretty, no? Not pictured is the inner zippered pocket where I can put my new prescription for Xanax.

So I learned many things in my first bag-making endeavour:
  • If in doubt, interface. And then some more. Maybe even interline. The only thing I interfaced (with sew in lining) was the base and I wish it had more structure. Poking my finger into a hole in the over-loved bag, I think the base even has some cardboard-esque structure in it.
  • Find some tutorials on bag making before you start.
  • I need to practice sewing zippers in blind (as in when the zipper is sandwiched between fabric rather than where I can see it). And I should have double-sided taped it in place rather than pinned it.
  • I should have had my sewing machines while I was only holiday so that I could have returned to wonderfully working machines.
  • There's a reason that shops sell handbags: It so you don't have to make them yourself.


  1. it looks fab to me! are you making a wallet next? I saw a couple of really good tutorials somewhere.. I may even have bookmarked them.. will have a look later.. when I can be bothered as my brain is not with me today at all.

  2. looks lovely to me!
    that fabric is really nice.

  3. I think it turned out lovely. Tell that Nifty one she can have two quid change from a £100 note:)

  4. Gorgeous fabric choices and a fab bag. Looks great to me.

  5. It looks fabulous. And kudos to you for starting your bag-making adventures with a really tricky one!

  6. fabby! i love it, i see a kitschy coo mums bags range coming soon!!!!!

  7. Brilliant!
    Well done!!
    Looks fabulous!!!
    When can we expect them in your shop? *ducks to avoid low fying missiles*
    xxx :-)

  8. cool bag! love the fabric. Have you got your mojo back now??!

  9. Fabtastic! I've been thinking of making bags, cos I love them and can never find the exact one I want (although often lots of ones I want even though they're not quite right . . . ) but I don't even sew well so perhaps I'll just stick to not making my own for now . . .

  10. Hey, sewing isn't easy to begin with! The new bag looks good though. Zippers are tricky b*st*rds really; great tip on taping them down instead of pinning!

  11. What a beautiful bag. Can't imagine it's your first try.


    PS Thanks for the follow, hope you're enjoying my story.