Friday, 13 November 2009


The fairytale coat

I hadn't made Maia a winter coat yet this year and once my Thinsulate arrived I had no excuse. I've been agonising over which of my fabrics to use and then last month when Vonnie and I were out fabric shopping I saw this amazing fabric. The print was huge, but I was quietly confident that if I placed the pieces strategically it could work for a coat.

I think my favourite bit of the fabric is this cute little woodland house that sits on the hood.

Or maybe this quaint little fence that runs across the back?

Or maybe the big dopey fox. It's got to be the fox. In order to maintain the continuity of the fox across the front I had to use a zip instead of my usual buttons. And because I was doing a zip, I decided to change the whole pattern... This coat is raglan style, which technically should be quicker to do than the inset sleeves I use for my other coat patterns. And it might have been if I hadn't made this coat four layers. In order to combat the wandering Thinsulate I sandwiched it between the twill and a layer of waterproof nylon. 'Nylon?', you ask, 'Isn't that a total pain to sew because it's so slippery?' Yes, yes, a million times, yes.

And this is the other side in fuchsia twill.

In order the combat the difficulty of folding over four layers (and sewing though eight layers) to insert the zipper, I faced it with ribbon instead. I'm thinking for the next one I will have the ribbon to the outside rather than the inside for a nice contrast.

What do you think? Obviously there are a couple of things I'll be amending for version two but is yet another coat pattern a good idea?


  1. Oh my GOD it works SO WELL!! That jacket is utterly awesome!

  2. Mmmmm, love, love, love it! I was drooling over that very fabric design earlier this week - the big pattern foxed me. but now i see it in action, I think a return visit will be in order. Nice work! Maia looks pretty pleased with it too :)

  3. Wow, what a lucky girlie having such a FAB coat and wonderful Mummy!
    I bought some of that fabric to use as athe backing on a quilt for my Daughter, but am now rethinking..........think it was the fox that did it for me too!!
    xxx Steph

  4. So darn cute!! That fabric IS adorable and your placement is genius. Raglan coats seem to be all the rage right now!

  5. Beautiful coat - definately keep focusing on sewing rather than photoshop ;)

  6. Love it!!!!
    Awesome fabric and excellent placement! I want one too!

  7. This is fantastic! So impressed with how you've made the fabric work. I've got some that I'm going to back a quilt with too, like Steph, but I think having a coat that tells a fairytale is way cooler!

  8. What do I think? I think I almost wish it was cold enough in Tucson to buy one of your coats.

    It is SO darling!

  9. oooh LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! That fabric is Ammmaaazing! I would probably only have thought to make bags, but that jacket is super cool!
    x K

  10. Oh Wow I LOVE IT...only wish i was as clever....i have the same fabric...just a huge cushion for my bed i managed! x

  11. I want a coat like that! That fabric is so cute and you really played it up well.

  12. hi
    i love that coat - i want one!!
    seriously what is the fabric please? available in the uk??

  13. Ooo-er, that's a bit special isn't it.
    Well done!