Monday, 12 March 2012


If Peter Andre* wrote a song about these fabrics he'd call it 'Germania'

A new haul of fabric arrived from Germany today... and it's a doozie!

appletree 3

'Appletrees' is a riotous woodland scene in a bajillion colours, woven by fairies out of magic filaments. I jest... it's organic cotton jersey but it feels like it is made out of magic. So soft and smooth, and very sturdy.

robots 2

What say you to Retro Robots? 'Yes, please' and 'thank you', because you have nice manners. This is another divine organic cotton jersey.

star print velours

Gird your loins, velour lovers, never has a slightly-piled fabric felt so soft and luxurious. Probably because it's a cotton / spandex mix rather than a polyester pretender. I know that 99% of audio in a shop is irritating, but could you forgive the cooing of a dove for these ones? And they're a massive 180cm wide. Imagine the possiblities.

*Apologies to at least three quarters of readers who will not get this reference. Don't worry, it's only mildly amusing, even to me.


  1. Well I'll tell you what, Canada produces... snow. And geese. And Ryan Reynolds AND Ryan Gosling. So you're welcome.

  2. Fantabulous! I think the woodland is my favourite, although the pink velour stars come a close second.

  3. Those first two are especially awesome!

  4. Now if I could only get my hands on the robot fabric I could make that kindle cover I've been trying to make for ages!