Saturday, 10 March 2012


The Seasonally Inappropriate Space Dress

purple astronaut dress 1

By popular demand of those who don't live in Scotland, we now have short sleeves.

purple astronaut dress 18

By popular demand of the under-five set, we also have butterfly face paint. I knew I should have taken modelling pics before the nursery ceilidh fundraiser.

purple astronaut dress 8

I wish you could see the tattoo on her arm so much. It is super-fugly cat with the words 'Pretty Kitty' next to it. When Maia picked it, I laughed out loud and asked the dad who was in charge of giving tattoos if it was from their Irony Range. He looked at me like I was mental.

purple astronaut dress 13

I didn't end up shortening the skirt, but I did decide to make a larger hem as I am getting more confident with my coverstitch machine. But not confident enough to try any of the six screw-on hemming or binding plates I bought eight months ago. Feel free to shame me.

purple astronaut dress 20

I reckon it just looks a bit shorter than Cool Cat because of the bare legs.

purple astronaut dress 24

Speaking of bare legs, these pictures have prompted me to wonder where has my baby gone? No more (okay, maybe just less) of that buddha-bellied, squeezy-legged, pint-sized toddler and in her place a long-legged and lean nearly-school girl. Yikes.


  1. Love the dress and love the shoes too. She is the coolest girl ever!! x

  2. Love it! It looks so comfortable, like the kind of stuff Rylee just lives in. And it is the long legs that really drives home how big they're getting. I also enjoyed the teenager Maia preview in the third picture from the top.

  3. Seriously awesome. I like the pink neck and sleeve bands. And it is hard to go wrong with those astronauts. So far a day has not gone by in our house that one person or another has not featured astronauts in some form.

    And you'll love that binder once you try it. You'll be binding everything in sight. Come on, try it...

  4. Does it come in adult size? That dress is so fab, and I love the accessories especially the face paint and shoes. Love it!!

  5. That is a gorgeous dress! What age does it go up to? Definitely think I'm going to need a pattern for my nearly 7yo... and possibly me too:)

  6. Extra points for finding matching shoes and laces!

  7. Since I'm up with my 4 and a half month old, I had to laugh at them growing up. I keep wondering how on earth the other kids got to be nearly 20 and 13.