Friday, 15 June 2012


The postman always rings thrice. And once again for good measure.

We're taking a well-earned breather from Dolmania for the next couple of days, but don't fret- there's all sorts going on.  And by 'all sorts' I mean stuff that is predominately self-absorbed.
journal full

First off, I won this luscious teal leather journal in a giveaway from Crafty Ady.  Did you know that this is my favourite colour?  And that I have a penchant for celtic knots?  Just check out the tattoo on my back.*

journal inside

Just look at that lovely card inside the cover.  The giveaway was in celebration for the Diamond Julibee....  Anti-Monarchists: do you seriously want to deny people gorgeous Jubilee journals? I think we'll be changing a few minds today.

journal spine

I love it. I will never deface it by writing it in.  Please join me in a chorus to Crafty Ady of 'You must start selling these'.

m passport

Let's see, what's next... Maia's passport finally arrived, which is most fortuitous as I was starting to stress about it.  I think they will stamp a 'LOL' in her passport instead of a visa.  To be fair to the poor small girl, British passport photo rules are soooo tyrannical that this truly is an outstanding photo.  We practised 'serious faces' for ages.


Let me introduce you to The Best T-shirt in the World (In Theory).  98% of you won't know what it is referencing but 2% will be like OMGOMGOMGOMGIWANT IT.  I say it's the best t-shirt in theory because it is made of terrible tissue jersey with no stretch; I am not modelling it because it looks hideous on.  Know what? Don't care, still awesome.


And finally, here is the belt buckle I have procured for the Wonder Woman bathing suit.  After much staring at my stomach I am rapidly chickening out of making a two-piece.  Have I ever mentioned that I put on more than 5 stone (70 pounds / 30 kilos) when I was pregnant with Jamie?  Not conducive to two pieces.

*On second thought, don't. It bears no resemblence to a celtic knot any longer and looks more like a coaster for a cup of tea.


  1. I WANT IT! And the journal. And the passport pictures are adorable, BB and Tops had to practice serious faces too for theirs. It isn't a good look on a child!

  2. The journal is gorgeous! And I can't wait to see your wonder woman costume.

  3. Glad you love it and also glad you've chopped the lace shorter - I left it long as some folk might like it like that but the winding and winding and more winding around the journal is a little tedious! Awww - small girl looks sooo serious. My small girl had her first passport too and we had issues getting her to look serious. The best she managed was a small smirk.

  4. You should have seen us trying to get a serious face out of our 1 year old for his German passport!
    ps. yes the journal is gorgeous and YES she really should sell them.