Sunday, 17 June 2012


A trio of titchy togs

tiny togs 

This week I had an order for a trio of the tiniest clothes.  I should have put a fifty pence piece in the pic for scale, newborn to six month is so small.  I find it baffling that my guys were once that little, especially as Jamie is right up at my armpit now. Every single male on my side (ie my dad and my brothers- small family!) is less than five nine so it'd be cool / novel to have a son that was tall.  Our best bet for taller-than-you-average bear, however, is Maia.  She is quite a bit taller than almost all of her peers, and taller than Jamie at the same age.

robot shirt detail

The Discovery Channel should do a documentary about these robot tees as part of their Unexplained Phenomenom series- why don't I sell more of them?  I have a fairly steady stream of orders for the rest of my apparel-ey wares, but robot tees are few and far between despite being so freaking adorable.  Is it because of the light coloured base?


  1. If I had a little boy (or a robot loving girl) I'd be all about that print!

  2. I love those Robots! These are all so lovely, I wish I had a newborn! *sniffs*

  3. I think that robot fabric is the nicest print you do (with the cheshire cats a clse second), but robots on a coloured background might be nice too. Now I just have to get round to buying some of it...

  4. I never really buy white for my girls, they ruin it far too quickly.

  5. I have a robot-mad son, and I buy (and make) squadrons' worth of robot things all the time, and that print just doesn't do it for me, personally. I love your stuff and I love what you DO with that print, but I don't like the illustration style, the facial expressions, or the "married couple" thing it has going on. The colors are also not my favorite (nor his - he is an orange kind of guy.)

    Of course that is just my two cents (tuppence?? I'm American...), but I've seen this print for sale as yardage and skipped it for just those reasons.

    On the other hand, I love the stars and astronauts and virtually all of your other fabrics. And I would buy them all in half a heartbeat if I could afford them, especially given the shipping to US!

  6. My Francesca is freakishly tall, when she joined the reception class at school she always looked like she was standing in the wrong line in the school yard. She has evened out a bit now and at least two of her classmates are catching up. It's no bad thing, I'd love to be just a bit taller!! x

  7. The print would appeal to lots of first time dads who work in the tech industry. I know my husband would have loved it.