Monday, 2 July 2012


Things: We Are Doing Them


We have been successfully evacuated from the wet and windy winterland.


All manner of holiday-related activities have ensued: swimming and beaching, the Farmer's Market, (the kids' first) fireworks, a science museum, and playgrounds. Infinite playgrounds.

jamie 2

And so many treats.  By the time I get around to photographing my Wonder Woman bathing suit, it will no longer fit. Or so I will tell you if I feel like too big a dork for public sharing.

maia 2

Maia does not like the heat very much.  It forced us into a midday showing of Brave, which despite being a precise combination of the two things they are terrified of (bears and thunderstorms), was very much enjoyed by all. Other Things Maia Does Not Like would take to much of my Mum's bandwidth to chronicle, but she doesn't like mosquitos. The feeling is not mutual:

bug bite

Believe it or not, this is day five of the bite and a vast improvement on days three and four.  And now a bite on her arm is going the same way.  So much fun.

steven and maia

Today's photos are courtesy of a new-to-me DSLR, which my mum kindly passed on!  Now I can take technically sophisticated terrible pictures too.


  1. sympathies for maia - mosquitoes love me too! i bought some cream (on holiday in italy) called SOS Pelle which I think made quite a big difference. here's a link if you can find it:

    hope it doesn't spoil her holiday too much!

  2. Poor Maia! I died on the east coast when I visited. I imagine the weather in Scotland isn't too different than Seattle. I run for cover when the sun and heat come out like a cockroach.