Wednesday 25 July 2012


The 'No Bolas' Bullshirt

bull shirt 2

Once upon a time (ie pre-kids), Steven and I used to travel a lot.  On our first visit to one of my favourite cities, Barcelona, I was quite taken with the quintessential Bull shirts and was determined to bring one home.

bull shirt 4

The problem: testicles.  Every single shirt we saw had giant, whapping testicles.  That was not a silhouette Steven wanted to wear around town.

bull shirt 3

Luckily, I had taken seven years of remedial middle and high school Spanish.  'Perdon, tienes una camiseta sin bolas? No? Gracias!' echoed through the Ramblas.

bull shirt 1

Until, finally, an anatomically incorrect bull shirt was found!

bull shirt 5

'¡Hurra! Me gusta este toro porque no tiene pelotas!' I gushed as money changed hands. The vendor nearly died from secondary embarrassment from my vocab, pronunciation and the sentiment. Sadly, the shirt was retired to the garage by Steven several years ago but don't fret- this tale has a happy ending...

bull shirt slide

Gleefully refashioned into a summer tank for Jamie!


  1. haha - great story! i love that pic of him in the tunnel - the light is perfect. looks like you have been taking more photography classes. is he fully recovered from his op now?

  2. You do know when I originally read your title, I somehow missed the "r" in bullshirt.heh

    Great refashion and I love the photos!

  3. That picture of him in the tunnel part of the slide is incredible! Such a cool look.

  4. Love that tunnel photo.