Thursday, 8 November 2012


Pick a card, any card

all the cards

It's only taken me five or six years to do what everyone else does within five or minutes, but I've finally gotten myself some mini MOO cards. 


Fifteen different ones to be exact.


Because I make no logical sense, I've been holding off getting new cards until my age-old mega-bulk business card purchase ran out.  You know, the cards that featured a product I no longer sell at an address I no longer sell at. 


Have you ever tried to photograph a bunch of photographs?  I tried both the compact and the DSLR and they both could not cope with so many faces and depths of field.  I have dozens of terrible pictures of my pictures (that can quite often be terrible to begin with), it was very meta.

If like me you are well behind the times and have just finished your stack of 1000 redundant business cards, you can save 10% off your first MOO order by clicking here.


  1. MOO are amazing. I'm just about to order some product labels too. Even their xmas cards are lush! Oh, and there's free delivery on at the mo if you subscribe to their newsletter...and no, I don't work for MOO ;-)

  2. oooh, I haven't procrastinated on Moo in AGES. I know, I'll go look at stuff instead of making stuff. Brilliant.

  3. I can't believe the timing of this. I've just ordered mini moo cards for the very first time TODAY. If I'd waited a few hours until I saw your post I could have saved 10% AND got free delivery. Doh! Yours look fab though, I can't wait for mine to arrive. x

  4. I just got my first Moo cards as well! BEautiful! So fun!

  5. it's look amazing!!! I hope I can do it too

  6. :-) I had a similar dilemma when trying to photograph my beautiful Moo cards - so I put them on the scanner! So far, so good.

  7. These are really cute! I love Moo!