Friday, 23 November 2012


The World is Cruel Dress

sweater refashion dress 2

Nay-sayers, wallow in the vindication of your doubts: I did not complete the Skater Dress pattern last weekend as I hoped.  The tutorial is done and dusted but I'm still putting a tiny bit more work into the pattern.  Can you guess what my stumbling block is?  A clue: it is my perma-block.  Fecking sleeves.

sweater refashion dress 4
The sleeves: They menace me.

I thought I would test version 76.0b with a quick and dirty refashion of one of Steven's castaway sweaters.  The bodice is the skater bodice, the sleeves the skater sleeves, the bottom a gathered-in-the-centre-only rectangle.

sweater refashion dress 10

The retained ribbing hem makes the skirt into a tulip shape that is pleasing to me.

sweater refashion dress 6

Matching a striped curved bodice to a striped curved skirt when combining different coloured stripes?  Less pleasing to me.

sweater refashion dress 5

Add a lazily-retained too-wide-adult-male-neckline and we have an explanation as to why Maia's drama teacher did not compliment her on her dress despite complimenting Maia's friend on her dress.

sweater refashion dress 3

Clearly the only logical explanation, Maia, but it makes that bitter pill no easier to swallow.


  1. My daughter complains when people don't compliment her new dresses too. :)

  2. This post makes me sad for two reasons: I'm dying to do the skater dress and I was hoping you could tell me where you sourced that great fabric. Alas. You can tell Maia I complimented her on it.

  3. That is a WONDERFUL dress! The colours and stripes suit her so well - I was brimming with enthusiasm to comment on its loveliness well before you revealed the compliment injustice. And I would never have noticed the neckline thing, with a t-shirt underneath it works fine. Bet it's really comfy too. Tell her I think it's fantastic!

    And condolences on the sleeve pattern. I don't draft them but I hate sewing them. Hope you nail it soon.