Saturday 29 December 2012


Christmas Sewing: PJ edition

Jamie and Maia

I hope everyone had lovely holidays.  We've been very busy doing nothing around these parts; Jamie got the lurgy just before Christmas and is on the mend but still fairly lethargic. The up-side to this is that we've all slept until at least 9am every day this week!  He normally wakes Maia up for a companion between 6 and 7, so the extra couple of hours is a blessed relief.  Steven and I were actually the first ones up on Christmas, and swithered about whether to wake them.  We waited :)

Jamie pjs 1

I didn't do a huge amount of Christmas sewing but I did whip them up matching pajamas to give them on Christmas Eve.

Maia pjs 3

The tops are the raglan style that I use for my normal tops and the bottoms were a quicky-and-dirty cuffed slouchy bottoms traced off existing pjs.  I may at some point work on a slouchy bottoms pattern if there is interest, but I'm pretty sure there are eleventy million slouchy bottom patterns so it would most likely be a redundant exercise... agreed?  The only change I made to the slouchy bottoms I make for toddlers was to switch from a cuffed waistband to an elasticated waistband (which, incidently, was a thing of beauty since I tried the serged elastic / topstitch method for the first time rather than a channel).

Maia pjs 1

The fabric I used was an organic cotton knit from Lillestoff; as usual, the quality and handle are amazing.  In news that will madden you (and maddened me at the time), I received a gigantic order from them the night before the UK Christmas posting deadline.  There are some very special prints that I know you'll love and some more coordinating solids for your stash!  It's the very best stuff, and I'll get it listed shortly.

Harmony Collage

We had a pretty chilled day, after the initial excitement of opening presents was over there was settling down on the couch with books, soft-toys for Maia and a Sonic Screwdriver for Jamie. That boy has the most serious Doctor Who fever.

Family Collage

Lots of cuddles with mum and dad.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that not a minute passes where at least one child isn't sitting on top of me or in my grille.

Joke Collage

As per perverse expectations, it wasn't the biggest or most well-thought-out presents that were the best received, it was the practical joke stocking stuffers.  That whoopee cushion will be the death of me.


  1. My sister bought our two a whoppee cushion too, so I can totally understand!

  2. In our house, a whoopee cushion is pure gold!;) Glad that you all had a good holiday!

  3. Yes please for a slouchy pants and a basic crew shirt pattern for making jammies and other comfy clothes. I'm hopeless at sewing unless I follow a pattern!