Saturday, 5 January 2013


New Fabric Alert!

I received a gigantic box of fabric a couple of days before Christmas and have finally wrested Maia off the computer* long enough to list them! 
 New fabric collage

They are all organic 95% cotton / 5% elastane jerseys with the smooth and stable quality we always get from Lillestoff: the very best.  From the top, we have Hansel and Gretel, Rainbowphant, Penguins, and Starflower.

Hansel and Gretel depicts the fairy tale in a riot of colours with white, golden yellow, orangey red, dark brown, and dark green on rich forest green background. There are Hansel and Gretel running along a meandering path, a candy cottage complete with candy cane chimney stacks and a resident cat, the crone-ish witch, a gingerbread man, slumbering fox, and robin in a tree, clouds, flowers, candy canes, and mushrooms.  I've already used it and it's a dream to sew.

Rainbowphant provoked a bit of a debate on Facebook as to what the German translation meant in English.  It was suggested that it was a conglomeration of Rainbow and Elephant but I maintained there were no elephants..... turns out I was wrong!  This glorious retro-style fabric has bright rainbows, cascading small raindrops, smiling larger raindrops, multi-coloured stars and hearts, suns, clouds, and tiny elephants on top of of the rainbows. It's a riot of bright rainbow colours (red, orange, yellow, green and blue) plus white, on a deep navy background.  I think this one is going to be hugely popular, and the fact that the manufacturer sold out in the pre-order stage definitely supports this!

The Penguins you have seen already in the Christmas Sewing: PJ edition.  It's an adorable fabric with a winter scene featuring penguins in the various snow-related activities; ice-fishing, sledding, skating, sliding down mountains on their bellies. True to form, the penguins are black and white with orange and red hats and scarves, and the background features snow-tops mountains and snowflakes in shades of petrol blue and a minty-light blue.

Finally, we have the lovely Starflower.  This beautiful retro-style fabric has rows of assorted flowers and stars in a riot of colours with white, soft pink, light blue, bright yellow, and red on a deep navy background.

Oh- the hugely popular En Route is also back in stock!

Solids Collage

I've also added some more plain jersey solids to mix and match with the prints.  Sky blue, dark green, and deep navy join plain red and lime green from this manufacturer; fuchsia, mid blue, brown, orange, turquoise and black are from a different manufacturer.  The former are smoother and curl less at the edges, the latter are a bit heavier and are a wider width.  In News That is Nuanced, I've included a picture above of Mid Blue and Sky Blue next to each other.  Mid Blue has a more purple tone, Sky Blue is a brighter true blue. In the picture at the bottom, Sky Blue is next to Starflower and Rainbowphant. As you can see, the blue coordinates with the blue in Rainbowphant. The lighter blue in Starflower has a purpley tone that goes with the Mid Blue!

*If I hear the CBeebies panto one more time I'm going to set fire to the computer. Provided, of course, that it doesn't set fire to itself first as it's making very sinister sounds and shutting itself off constantly.


  1. Sharing your panto feelings!

    And thank you for the snood pattern - it kept us all away from cbeebies this morning, and turned out beautifully.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and I feel the panto pain...!!