Thursday, 10 January 2013


Christmas Makes and Outtakes

Two weeks and a bit to get my second Christmas post written, that must be a record of irrelevancy for me!  Better late than never though, no?*  The pajamas you have seen, but what about their Christmas day outfits?
green tiger top 1

I finally got a chance to  use the tigers for my kith and kin.  In related news, I'm desperate to use this green version for something for me.  But what? The correct answer is All The Things, but I will also accept more specific answers. 

 Hansel and Gretel dress 1

And the girl got a Hansel and Gretel skater dress. 'Wait, a skater dress?  I've never seen one of those on her before!' said no one ever.  I think the current count is a dozen.  No judging, once I release the pattern you will make a dozen too.

green tiger top 2

In conclusion, they both got green clothes ergo they are 'Christmas clothes'.  In my defence I did attempt to sew my very own green dress on Christmas Eve but it was a massive fail- more on that at a later date. So I wore a red dress and gave a cursory tick of the Christmas box too.

Hansel and Gretel dress 2

One reason why I have fallen deeply in love with Instagram is the chance to have a peak at the 'real' lives behind the online personalities I know.  Not that what we put forth an 'unreal' portrayal on our blogs, but the temptation (for me anyway) is to show the very best pictures / most flattering angles / two square feet of the house without detritus on the official Kitschy Coo web presence.  Instagram obviously has this element too, but it seems there is more humorous side dish of #keepingitreal there, which I love.  So in that spirit, here's a behind the scenes of what 98% of my photo shoots consist of...


*Strictly rhetorical question.


  1. Replies
    1. You're tormenting me, right? You must have known that was my fail! Although not a tiger-fail, just a plain green one :)

  2. Are you a hoodie person? The tiger would make a super cute (and possibly hip but I'm too old to know that) outer layer on an adult.

  3. Your kids make me smile! Love your picture collage.
    That knit looks so warm and cozy!
    You could make tiger pjs or tiger undies. The hoodie idea is really good too.

    Steph is doing a sewalong for the Tiramisu right now. She is putting indepth step posts on I'm just waiting for tomorrow's post on the "underbust seam" to come out instead of trying to tweak it around anymore.

  4. hahaha! love. I think you need a green tiger wiggle dress and then you wear it to karaoke and you're all like EYE OF THE TIIIIIGER. And that's when you get your big break and famousity smackdown. The end. Don't forget to do that thing where you treat the mic stand like a stripper pole.

  5. That is so so so cute!! And I also agree, a hoodie would look awesome!