Sunday 27 January 2013


I am tiger, hear me roar

blue tiger skirt full

Those of you on Instagram will have seen that I bedecked myself in tiger glory yesterday for a soiree with Friend Sarah.  Despite taking my camera into town (and also not losing it), it was too dark for shots so I put it right back on today so my family could take turns taking terrible pictures of me.

blue tiger skirt close front

First up was Jamie. Despite asking if he could take pictures of my new skirt, we returned inside with a dozen head shots.  So we went back out and got a bunch of extreme close ups of skirt only.

blue tiger skirt back

Here's my bum. You're welcome.

blue tiger skirt full

Next up was Steven.  He told me, 'look like you know something no one else knows'.

blue tiger skirt close

And then, 'Look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders but you're essentially benevolent'.  Nailed it.

blue tiger skirt photobombed

And then I got photobombed and things got derpy.  In conclusion, I love my new skirt and I hate getting my picture taken.


Submitted to the Train to Crazy 'Make It, Wear It'!


  1. Well, I think you look great :-) Cute skirt!

  2. Oh I love that fabric! Really cute skirt!

  3. herp a derp derp. *wolf whistles*

  4. Love it! Rylee is dying to get something made from the "tiger bones"

  5. Fab skirt and fabric! I want one!!

  6. Love your skirt!

  7. Love the skirt!! Can I ask if you self-drafted the pattern and if you can share what the waist is like? eg elasticated or zip.

    1. Yep it's self drafted and sooooo easy. The waist is a smooth thick elastic, I've added a picture for you here:

  8. Lovely should wear it to see The Life of Pi at the cinema. I like matching outfits with the films...luckily I like Scifi so black is always apt.