Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Foxes Go Ballooning

Courtesy of the fabric enablers on my FB page, another couple of prints have hit the shop
Nosh Organics Collage

After the enthusiasm for Owls and Foxes from my last haul, I asked if people wanted even more choice in fox-related fabric.  I mean, who wouldn't?  People who hate foxes, obviously.  So here we have two organic single jerseys in exceptionally-coloured retro combinations: Orange on deep brown and Dark red on yellow.  Like myself, the foxes look slightly skeptical and have embraced the side-eye but everyone knows they are essentially adorable.  Unlike the aforementioned Owls and Foxes, these jerseys are 100% cotton without an elastane component so there isn't as much stretch recovery as cotton/elastane blends.  However, the fabric is a hefty 195 gsm so it's very stable without much curling at the edges, and the organic cotton means it's softer than its non-organic single jersey relations.  In short: lovely.

And Pink and Blue Balloons have welcomed a more 'gender-neutral' Grass Green

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  1. I like the orange ones best, reminds me of a Basel Brush toy I had as a kid - I loved that toy.