Tuesday, 22 January 2013



Rainbowphant skater dress

The second saddest thing to happen to me recently (the first of course being the general and continuing lack of snow) was the sudden and dramatic selling out of Rainbowphant meterage. 

Rainbowphant Tennis Skirt

I anticipated its popularity and duly ordered double my normal amount, but the whole shebang was gone in just over a week! Blue Vikings, you have been replaced in the Fastest Selling Fabric Awards.

Rainbowphant Slouchy Trousers

Savvy, sneaky folk emailed me for commissions before I could list them in the shop.  The lesson to those who missed out: be more savvy and sneaky.  But all is not lost, I just checked and I have a couple of irregular pieces so I've put limited listings up for the tennis skirt and trousers.  But the most hopeful news of all is they might be doing a reprint, please let it be so.

**EDITED TO ADD: They're all gone again, you scamps.  Let's all collectively cross our fingers that I can get some more.


  1. I love that I am considered savvy and or sneaky. I really thought I was just being lazy!

  2. I was so going to email you about a dress for Kate and then I forgot. More fool me. Keeping fingers crossed for more :)