Thursday, 17 January 2013


New Fabric Alert!

Those of you who follow the Facebook page will have seen that I received a box of new fabric... those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen that I actually received a second box of fabric a mere couple of hours later!
new prints collage

Without further ado, the six new organic jersey prints!
  • Dala Horses: This striking fabric has rows of dark red be-saddled Dala Horses, pink, orange and green flowers and light green hearts on a deep petrol background. Buyer beware: based on initial reactions, I probably didn't order enough of this.  If you want it, go forth and snatch.
  • Firemen: This fun fabric features a scene of a multitude of fireman going about their fire-fighting business... hosing down fires, rescuing cats, driving trucks and smoking pipes (of course). There lots of firefighters, trees, cats, houses, trucks, clouds, hydrants, and hoses in orange, white and royal blue on a cherry red background.
  • Happy Elephants: This adorable fabric has rows of smiling white elephants on a bright cherry red background. Fun fact: a different colourway of these elephants was what spurred me on to open a fabric shop a year and a half ago!
  • Owls and Foxes: This lovely fabric features a smattering of foxes, owls, squirrels, and sweetly-smiling flowers on a light minty blue background. The foxes are bright orange with white tipped tails, and the squirrels, owls and flowers a mixture of light and dark brown, white, and sky blue.  With both foxes and owls, that's two ticks in the zeitgeist box. 
  • Vikings in green:  This fantastic fabric has a riotous scene of Vikings going about their Viking business-- fishing beside their longboats, cooking at campfires, brandishing weapons, drinking from flagons. The background also includes mountains, tree, clouds and a smattering of raindrops. The colours include black, white, dark green and bright orange on a mossy mid-green background. The blue Vikings was my fastest-selling-out fabric first time around (although Rainbowphant is a definite challenger) so I'm so happy to have Vikings again........ and also in:
  • Vikings in grey: Same as the green (and blue before it) but with deep navy blue, white, lilac and rusty brown on a steely mid-grey background.
I've also added another three organic jersey solids: petrol blue, golden orange and dark red.

coordinates collage

The more solids I stock, the trickier it gets to differentiate between their nuanced shades so I'm including comparison shots with the prints.

  • The petrol blue naturally coordinates with the Dala Horses, but would be a great contrast to many other prints.  
  • The golden orange coordinates perfectly with Dala Horses and Fireman, but it also is in the same yellow / orange family as the Green Tigers and Brown Tigers!  I know there there has been some consternation that the Green Tigers is hard to match with other colours (except of course black), but despite being a couple of shades darker this golden orange would look great with the tigers.  I also have a non-organic orange jersey currently listed, this is a true bright orange that coordinates with the orange in Owls and Foxes and Rainbowphant.
  • The dark red is in the cherry red family, and a shade or two darker than bright cherry red.  I actually sold out of the other (plain) red that I used to carry this weekend; the new red is cherry (whereas the older red had an orange tone) so it coordinates with more of my prints.  Dala Horses and Firemen as above; but it also coordinates with all of the fabrics with a cherry red tone- Rainbowphant, Starflower, Red Apples, Happy Elephants, Red Clouds, En Route and more!
  • In Coordinating Viking News: the grey pairs with the navy and the green with the dark green.
As I said in my last fabric post, I'm currently stocking solids by two manufacturers. As more colours become available I'm hoping to switch over completely to the organic jerseys as they are the exact same weight and handle as the printed jerseys.  At a glance, the organic jerseys in my shop are scrunched up in pictures and the plain jerseys are not.

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  1. ooh, the petrol blue jersey is lovely - i wonder if i need another Tira? and the dala horses print is adorable!