Friday 1 February 2013


Breaking News: Shenanigans Pay Off

I never thought my campaign of commenting 'I can't wait to receive this!' on everyone's photos would actually work. Thanks @misformake! Hope you're paying attention @adriannaappl #yippee #fabricporn

On Instagram, I've got a completely irritating adorable habit of commenting on other people's pretty pictures with 'I can't wait to receive this!' or 'Really excited that you're making me this!'.  And you'll never guess... it actually worked!  The esteemable Kate from M is For Make sent me very generous cuts of these two amazing fabrics with instructions to make something badass.  Unfortunately my badass cup is running dry... Any ideas?


  1. How much fabric have you got? I've been thinking the Typewriter fabric would make an excellent A-line skirt (I love the Specs print as well). Maybe if you haven't got enough for a whole skirt you could make one in chambray with a typewriter border? Regardless of what you do, I am extreeeeeeemely jealous :)

  2. Pirates beg neck ruffles.

    I'm reworking Simplicity 2232 ( )To have that neck ruffle in View B interchangeable.

    Typewriters... sleek, super sexy miniskirt?

  3. Typewriter skirt, v cool. You could make me one ( he he he). Pirates, something for a small boy, would make a fab pillow case for I pirate mad chap ( or chapess). X

  4. lovng the pirate fabric - going to go check it out as thinking it might make a great pirate swag bag for all DD pirate gear :)

  5. Looks like a typewriter skirt is the winning idea so far, would look nice.