Wednesday, 13 February 2013


New Fabric Alert: Things Just Got Scandier

New fabric collage

A couple of new fabrics are up in my shop, and they're distinctively Scandi in style!
  •  Bloomy Dream:  This sweet fabric has rows of wide-eyed Scandi birds intermixed with blossoms, leaves, branches and berries. The colours include light orange, dark orange, and sky blue on a deep petrol background.
  • Scandinavian Flowers: This striking fabric has rows of Scandi-style flowers in light green, deep turquoise, light petrol, navy, and white on a deep petrol background.
Both fabrics are GOTS-certified organic blends of 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane in a width of 150cm, with the smooth handle and stability you can rely on from organic jersey.  I've included pictures of coordinates above and in the listings for the plain jerseys that match.  Speaking of plain jerseys, I've also added deep turquoise to the plain jersey arsenal.  Admittedly, between navy blue, petrol blue, mid blue, sky blue, deep turquoise and light turquoise things are getting awfully nuanced in the blue family.  Bottom right of the collage shows how petrol blue (left) compares to deep turquoise (right); the latter has more of a peacock / green tone.

Scandi trouser collage

With prints that are more abstract / design oriented (eg these, Starflower) rather than character-based or illustrative (eg fairy tale, animals), I think it can help to see them sewn up to appreciate them!  So here you go, I've already fashioned them into trousers.  Even better, right?

PS. Thanks for all the love for my mum and her sweater here, there and everywhere! I was really touched that so many people left their Readers and commented, and I hope she realises how special and talented she is.

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