Friday 22 February 2013


The Joker Dress

Guess what? Today I'm guest-posting over on Me Sew Crazy for the fabulous KIDS series!

Joker Dress Cover 

Trying to wrap your noggin around what prompted me to make such a crazy dress? Click on through for the full story...


  1. I saw it on Me Sew Crazy and came over to follow you now. I think it's perfect and I'm loving your blog! Thanks for helping me find another unputdownable blog. Can you say unputdownable about something on the internet? Unstopclickingable?

  2. LOVE it. Love the dress and the joke and the silly girl. Well done.

  3. I just went a tad insane over how great this dress is. Like, so insane I squealed and thought my husband would appreciate me shoving my kindle in his face so he could "see this friggin adorable dress I just HAVE to recreate for G " kind of insane. Well done.

  4. I hated wearing dresses when I was growing up, but if I'd had one like this I would definitely have worn it. Definitely.
    So I came over to look at your blog and found it both hilarious AND instructive.
    Then I looked at your shop and was astonished to see fun jersey prints available for sale in the UK.
    You are officially amazing.

  5. I think you just drafted a new dress for your day job!! Seriously, I love this so much - could you recreate it, pretty please?!

  6. I think my fav part of this dress is probably the black lines that really pull it hard into pop art comic-book kind of style. Also I think Maia and Nicole would have a heyday coming up with jokes together. KNOCK KNOCK. WHO'S THERE? BANANAPANTS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. just saw you over on the KIDS series! Amazing dress. bet your daughter was thrilled! off to check out the rest of your blog :)