Monday, 19 January 2009


All hail the winner!

Congratulations to Rach, the seventh commentor in the giveaway. Once I get your address a shiny new tute will go in the post!

I loved reading all your comments and your ideas for more patterns.

Sarah said: As far as patterns I'd like, a boys reversible coat - that would be great.

The reversible boys coat pattern should be ready in a couple of weeks. I still have to test two more before it's ready, one with a (non-pointy!) hood and one with a traditional collar. I have the fabric ready for the traditional collar one, but am waiting for super extra special fabric to arrive for the hooded one.

Jennyflower said: I'd like to see a pattern for idiots- no really a set of patterns to give me confidence to sew like No 1- sew a pillowcase......pattern 107-make a full size zip-up elephant with french seams and button on ears. Please. x

Wow, great minds think alike! Here's one I made earlier. The blue thing on the back is clearly a zipper, you'll have to trust me on the french seams (as they're inside the elephant). Oh, and now that I re-read your post, you said 'button on ears' whereas I made mine with 'buttons on ears'. Oops.

Courtney said: I've been commissioned to make a Fedora hat and I CANNOT find a pattern. I know it's not what you normally sew, but if you hear of one..will you point me towards it?

Wow, I wouldn't even know where to start for a fedora! I did find these tutes though: This is how to make the whole hat with felt. This is how to change a normal open crown / bowler hat into a fedora.

Good luck!

Koolkatskate said: ' There is one dress that really had potential but the neck just wasn't right. It is a summer one with a scoop neck and the front had an apron thing - like a giant pocket attached at the middle, yoke and sides '

I had a look at the dress and I think it's really cute! Love those colours together. I didn't think there was a major problem with the neckline?! I know what it's like to have an idea in your head and have it turn out differently in practice though!

Rach said: I would love to see a pattern for a red riding hood style hooded cloak with a button or toggle fastening on the front. Almost like a poncho but open at the front and hooded.

I know of a pattern for this! In the winter Ottobre 08 issue there's one just like you're describing. A bunch of people on Craftster have made it and it looks so nice... and they say it's a quick one to do as well!

Caroline-Jasons_ mom said: I saw a top that you did that I really would love to make! Its the sleeveless top with the two large buttons at the top.

Thanks! I have ordered the tutorial for this swing top from the printing company this morning, it'll hit my etsy shop by the end of the week!

Nic said: What pattern would I like? Ooh at the mo, a gilet pattern

Noted, Nic. Again, I think there are definitely a gilet pattern in one of the recent Ottobre issues, but for boys. Not sure I've seen one for the girls!

Covetables said: As for other patterns my only suggestion is larger sizes. I seem to find loads of great stuff for toddlers but they all seem to stop just before my daughter's size 5.

I will be making this coat for 5T / 6T as soon as I can find some testers, hint hint. Let me know if you're interested!


  1. Congrats to the winner! If you ever need bigger measurements please let me know, I have a 5 year old boy (wears a US size 6), and an 8 year old boy (wears a US size 8-10). It was a great contest!

  2. YAAAAAYYYY!! Lucky number 7 indeed!!
    Thank you, thank you!!

    I got your email Amanda - am just about to reply.

    Am already thinking about what fabrics I should use!? Trip to Ikea maybe on the cards LOL

  3. Hi Amanda - it arrived and looks great. That is the kind of pattern that I can follow as the pics are really clear.

    Can't wait to have a go
    Thank you!