Friday, 26 February 2010


Umm, Jamie? That was not on the list.

Here is my list of nice ways to start the day:
  1. Anything after 9AM
  2. Being brought tea / toast / the paper (after 9AM)
  3. By the sun shining through the window and birds singing on the window sill
  4. Having neck kissed by anybody (provided after 9AM)
  5. The phone is ringing because they want to tell me I have won the lottery
Place note that being vomitted on, in the dark, is not on the list.


  1. Kids just never want to follow the rules. Hope he's feeling better today!

  2. Ugh. Hope Jamie is feeling better (and that you at least got to shower).

  3. Oh yuck:( Hope he's ok and is now following the list

  4. Oh dear. I wish kids would notify us prior to that sort of event. Forms filed in triplicate, at least. I hope he's better soon.

  5. premium bonds man on phone would be ok too.

  6. I hope he at least got Steven, too :)