Friday, 2 July 2010


Some things old, some things new, and lots of blue

One thing I love about making things for my kith and kin (other than the obviously adorable photos), is how often I get to see them modelling. We've only been here for a week but I think at least one child every day has been wearing something I've made! It's super-fulfilling. Here's a round up of some of the Top Secret new stuff I've made mixed in with some old favourites getting their second season of wear.

Peonies peasant top making it's debut

Fishbowl mod dress from last summer is now a cute tunic

Guitar hero orgnaic t-shirt (see, I told you he's even cuter)

Leapfrog pillow case dress, first time worn

The girls in their matching People-y peasant tops

An all new Megatropolis mod dress with red polkadot bias binding

On a whim peasant dress made for both girls, modelled by mine.


  1. So cute, so practicle and so thrifty. Well done. And they certainly look happy to wear them!

  2. these are fab. i have serious 'daughter-envy'. i imagine whipping up all sorts of dresses... 1 1/2 weeks away from birth of baby number three, methinks it will be another lovely boy. but to be able to make some dresses... ah.

  3. Great outfits so summery and cool


  4. Awesome clothes and cute models! It's a great feeling to make everybody's clothes, isn't it? I made shirts for all the females at our family get-together and it was just so cool to see them wearing them.