Friday, 4 May 2012


The Mixologist Skirt

It's high-birthday season here which means lots of present-sewing for the fair lads and lassies of Edinburgh. Today's party offering- a purplicious astronaut skirt with purple star waistband*.
purple astro skirt

I hereby formally invite the people who proclaim 'The camera never lies' to come and take pictures of the purple stars fabric with my camera.  I have no idea why it refuses to render the colours properly, every single time, no matter what conditions I shoot under.  I can assure you, they coordinate perfectly.  Here, Picmonkey will help blind your eyes with luridness:

purple astro skirt waistband

Hitherto, I've done lots of mixing and matching of prints with solids, but not any print on print.  Silly, no?  The stars and clouds naturally partner with astronauts, and clouds are also part of the leitmotif in both Appletree and Little Red.  In time, I hope to add lots of stripes and blender coordinates as well. 

*Although I am a superfan of ribbing for cuffs and collars, I have recently come to the conclusion that for load-bearing waistbands I definitely prefer the recovery and stability of a firm cotton / lycra blend.  By load-bearing, I mean skirts and trousers that rely on the waistband to hold the fabric up rather than the waistband of a top that is decorative.  Facebook fans have been privy to the fact that I have been furiously sourcing high-quality coordinating cotton / lycra solids, hopefully they'll be available soon!


  1. It's cool, if I invite u to my party do I get one!

  2. Too bad we're not in'd be invited to all of our parties!lol