Wednesday, 30 May 2012


The New Specs Challenge

New glasses

I can't quite believe that she's been wearing glasses for a full year now.  Which means a whole new set of specs!  The good news is that her prescription hasn't changed so we can use the old ones as a (much needed) back up pair and don't have to shell out to re-lens her sunglasses.

new glasses 040

She tried on dozens at the opticians, but I'm very happy that she settled on this slightly cat-eye red pair. As fetching as the zebra prints were, the red has more mileage.  See how it matches her red winter coat? The winter coat that she is wearing on the last few days of May?

new glasses 037

The first day of new glasses fortuitously fell in the first week of the photography e-course I'm doing through Capturing Childhood.  We're working on our lighting nous, and I actually took most of these shots in manual mode and I didn't even need to edit the sh*t out of them.

new glasses 042 cropped

We are in unchartered waters, folks.


  1. When did your babies grow up????
    Lovely pics :-)

  2. He he, the man at spec savers just laughs at me now when I walk in, he knows I'm going to hand over my lads v bent specs, again!

  3. Love the new glasses, a bit jealous in fact...

  4. Awww - bless them! Great photos. And those new specs are awesome.

  5. Beautiful!

    I never want to change Rheya's glasses, I found the whole process nerve wrecking! I need a few days to decide if I like glasses, not 30mins. I'm very happy with the pair that Rheya picked and really glad she didn't pick the ones I wanted her to have.

  6. so I'm super impressed and vaguely intimidated that your (what 5 yr old?) daughter has better style than me...

  7. I <3 that picture of Jamie, it's brilliant. And the glasses are quite fab too, very tasteful.