Friday, 1 June 2012


The Green Flag Dress

green fairy dress full

Maia's nursery has just been awarded 'Green Flag' Status, which for the unfamiliar (ie everyone) is a credential for awareness / education / implementation of eco matters within schools and nurseries.  It's actually a pretty big deal and quite hard to get so there was a party today to celebrate.  The brief: wear green.  When the brief was delivered: yesterday.

green fairy dress catwalk

It was just as well for me that sleeveless skater dresses are even faster to sew than the those with sleeves, and I made it last night. Between the hours of midnight and 1AM.

green fairy dress close

Obviously, she had many other green things to wear but she claimed this fabric for a dress as soon as it arrived.  She already has two long sleeve skater dresses and three short sleeve ones so with our trip to  Summerworld (ie the States) coming ever-nearer it was time for some proper warm weather attire.

the girls 1

And god bless you, Green Flag, for forcing Elsie wear her skirt.


  1. Please tell me the green fairies is a fabric you're going to be selling? It's seriously delicious and might pass girly muster at my house. Love the skater dress sleeveless! Didn't you have to redraft the top, though? IIRC, the sleeves on skater are raglan, right?

    1. I will be! This is one of the fabrics I was talking about arriving on FB last week, it's still a bit tricky and I can't list it yet because of that:) Yes, the other skater dresses are raglan so I redrafted the bodice.

  2. Gorgeous! Did she enjoy her party?

  3. LOVE this dress style! And he fabric is pretty adorable, too. Great pic of Maia and cute!

  4. I NEEEEEED that fabric. And a sleeveless skater dress pattern please.

  5. I adore your fabrics!! Can you please share/sell/anything the sleeveless skater dress pattern pleaasee??!!! Awesomeest dress ever!

  6. Fabulous dress. Your daughter's glasses are wonderful, they really suit her.

  7. Another here who NEEDS your skater dress pattern. Will the patern be available soon....I so need to make up some long sleeve dresses for our winter (like now :-) ). My sew mojo has been AWOL since early in the year and this dress would be the perfect pattern to kick start my enthusiasim for sewing again.

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