Saturday, 9 June 2012


A Woman Wondering about Wonder Woman

Time is marching on before we leave for our trip and I've been thinking of little else than my Wonder Woman swimming costume.  I lie in bed a night and obsess about what to do with these three fabrics.  My original idea was to panel my Pin-Up Bathing suit pattern into three pieces but in a fit of insanity I'm considering a bikini. Because, you  know, I haven't worn a bikini in fifteen years so it's completely logical.  I guess I reckon that a Wonder Woman Bathing suit would be so outlandish that it doesn't even matter if it's a bikini. No matter what guise this suit takes, it will be ridic.

This is the picture that started the wheels in motion.  Bottoms, yes please. Top, you are not for me with your width-producing expansiveness.

I like the ruching on these bottoms, they might be more flattering than a straight brief.  The top is dismissed by default as it would only look like this if I wore it backwards and my shoulder blades nestled in those tiny cups.

Speaking of which, just what is going on here?! It is so incongruous to me that these modest (and awesome) bottoms are paired with this lol-tastic top. Retro- you're doing it wrong.

Now here is an interesting proposition. My immediate thought was that I would use the gold for a bog-standard waistband, but maybe it should be an independant belt attatched to starry briefs?  The top is more-or-less what I'm planning, minus the halterneck, which would pull my neck and head forward to such a degree that I weep and phone a chiropractor. I hate halternecks.

And finally, I leave you with a anxiety pic.  I love the briefs.  I covet the briefs.  I wish to recreate the briefs.  However, look at the sliver of skin between top and bottoms.  I am incredibly short waisted (and top-heavy obviously), so I'm worrying that a supportive top and high waisted bottoms might leave me with approximately half an inch of flesh between the two pieces. Which would no doubt result in fantastic tan lines but would render a two-piece obsolete.

Here are things I await you telling me:
  • Very modest two piece on the short waisted: is this crazy talk?
  • Gold fabric: waistband or mock belt?
  • Wonder Woman bathing suit in general: will I end up crying because people laugh at me?


  1. I moonwalked at Wonder Woman so I say go for it!

  2. Anyone who laughs has no sense of style!!!
    I think all will be fine (lets face it we always think it's ok) as long as you go with your gut and make something that you love.
    SO excited to watch this unfold.
    Good luck x

  3. "Very modest two piece on the short waisted: is this crazy talk?" No. Well, maybe if the wearer is actually Sleepy, Happy or Doc.

    "Gold fabric: waistband or mock belt?" Mock belt all the way for me, but then I have three children under 5 including a three-month-old baby, so I'd be going for distraction techniques in that area anyway!

    "Wonder Woman bathing suit in general: will I end up crying because people laugh at me?" I would guess not - more likely you'll be making two pieces for the rest of the summer holiday run-up!

    Good luck :)

  4. 1. I don't know the answer to this question
    2. I say mock belt
    3. No you will look awesome and passers-by will swoon.

  5. I say go for a copy of the Retro Polka dot one and rework the shoulder straps to make them 'normal'. Would the styling from your pin up bathing suit work? That would be perfect if you could find a way to translate it into a bikini top.
    Oh and I would gasp in awe of a wonder Woman suit, not laugh.
    Rach x

    1. Yes, the pattern for the pin up suit should be an okay base to start with... it's just finding the right point for the difference pieces to end!

  6. 1. I'd say don't go too modest - maybe to your natural waist, or just above your hipbones (which if you're shortwaisted, isn't too much of a difference!)
    2. mock belt, absolutely
    3. no, it is the best swimsuit ever. You will look awesome, you will walk on air and all who see you will be amazed in a really good way.

  7. Wonder woman is awesome, no-one would dare to laugh!
    I would go for gold as a mock belt and personally, considering I have had four children and haven't worn a bikini for about 20yrs, I would go for a tankini and roll it up if I felt brave enough!!

  8. I would say that you would not want to go so modest as to have a sliver of skin between the two pieces. I love the retro polka dots! Definitely go with a mock belt. People might stop and stare at your fabulousness, but I seriously doubt there will be any laughter.

  9. This suit-to-be is going to be amazingly awesome, I know it. I actually like the full gold waistband idea. I think the last bottoms are just too high and if you do yours more to your waist, the results will be gorgeous. I agree with others that the polka-dot top would be perfect if it could be reworked to not be halter style.

  10. 1) Why are you wanting very modest? Is it because you like the style or because you're worried about tummy exposure? I'm afraid the last pic just makes me think of massive granny knickers, sorry :| I would much prefer to see a little bit of wibbly tummy than granny knickers :) Although I'm sure your tummy isn't wibbly.
    2) I vote mock belt. With some sort of fabulous superhero style buckle.
    3) No-one will laugh, I reckon they'll all ask where you got it from.

    1. Yes, it's the tummy exposure bit. I figured it was safer to cover the whole shebang rather than have the waist hit me at the wrong point. But you have given me food for thought, might have to make several muslins for the bottoms.

    2. I really don't think highwaisted / low legged are very flattering. I know it sounds keraaaaaaazy, but hipster style might be better. They would lengthen your torso as well. Just to add to your list of muslins :)

  11. I don't know the answers to your questions, but I reckon whatever you do will be fab. The only 'ini' I'm ever likely to wear is a burqini, which could look pretty damn awesome in Wonder Woman styling!

    1. I've changed my mind, I'm going to make a burqini instead :)

  12. wow this will be fantastic and I think the last ones are just to high.
    Good luck making your decision

  13. Who cares what anyone thinks? The suit will be fantabulous and you will rock it! Can't wait to start seeing some muslins.:)