Friday, 8 June 2012


A Tale of Two Cities

cityscape tunics both2 

The destination for these two tunics is a pair of cousins, one a birthday girl of five and the other a not-yet-one-year old. This picture is not an optical illusion, the purple one is positively dinky.

Lizzy House, I hereby challenge you to out-do this collection of fabrics. I don't think you can*.

blue cityscape tunic

Particularly this colourway, have you ever seen a better collection of blue tones?

*Okay, Outfoxed is quite nice, I will give you that. But I am a sucker for building prints.


  1. I envy your peeps - I didn't have money to buy that or out foxed :(

  2. I love them so much! I knew they would be beautiful, and they are! Both the birthday girl and her little cousin should be opening them tomorrow morning :-)