Monday, 14 May 2012


The Super Moshi birthday experience

jumpsuit 7

Five years ago today, a small girl came into the world and our hearts.  She is made of equal parts of kindness, enthusiasm, graciousness and love for her family and friends.

jumpsuit 4

With a bouncy castle rented for the celebrations, I opted for a jumpsuit rather than a dress or skirt.  If I'm truthful, I liked the rainbow jumpsuit more in my head than in actual form.  You can't win them all.

maias birthday party 014

The rain almost held off for the duration of the party which was especially fortuitious as it bucketed down for the rest of the day.  So bouncing was enjoyed by all, but not as much as the big jumps off the side.

maias birthday party 013

Except for this big jump. Not quite as enjoyable.  It's okay to laugh though because no one was hurt.

All right, let's get down to business then.  I know you are all here to revel in the inevitable cake fail. This Moshi Monster figure was my brief.  He sees your problems, world, and will fight if necessary but will give you the side eye while he does it.  Obviously, I couldn't render this face in cake form because who wants a frowning, judgemental cake?

So I choose a more bonhomie Super Furi.

maias birthday party 076

Cheerful, no doubt, but more than a little bit sheepish.  See the bottom right corner looks a bit different?  Jamie actually surreptitiously stuck his hand into the cake before anyone else was up and clawed a section off.  I don't even know who he is anymore.

cake pic

My favourite birthday pic is always the one that captures the reaction to my monstruous cakes.  Maia's face is saying, 'Oh, you'; her companion's face is saying, 'What is going on I can't even' but you'll just have to fill that in yourself. 


  1. loving the birthday outfit and the cake, its more impressive than any i create!

  2. I love the cake, it's perfect. I was thinking I should start a blog for my many cooking and baking fails, showing pictures of what I planned them to look like and then one of the total mess it ended up as.

    1. We should start a group blog :)

    2. this and my 'raccoon road kill cake', it's a good start

  3. I LOVE your cakes! Highlight of my week so far!! xx

  4. Oh, Jamie! I hope that anecdote follows him around well into adulthood.

  5. Stresshead Red14 May 2012 at 20:30

    That cake is awesome, no cake fail this time. Must be the new oven!

  6. Your cake has made me smile - it's fab!

  7. Fantastic - my kids want this cake so bad!

  8. love party time.. dislike the leading up to it.. all the stress.. love the colourful outfit.. have no idea who super furi is.. but maybe that is because im in australia.. but cake looks great~!

  9. That outfit is super fun, the cake is superbly awesome, and how in the world did you catch that picture at just that moment?? Thanks for the good laugh (once I knew no one got hurt of course.)

  10. Ok. I had never seen this before. That cake. is. awesome. I laughed but only because it's amazing.