Saturday, 26 May 2012


Princess and the Frogs

pink frog dress hem 

Because Wiki decrees it and ergo it must be true, there are several collective nouns for a group of frogs- a colony (too boring), an army (unlikely), a knot (incongruous), a bundle (no thank you) and a froggery (redundant). Oh, and a fester of frogs. You win, fester, for your apocalyptic  imagery.

pink frog dress detail

A customer recently sent this lovely bubblegum pink fabric with lime green frogs for me to fashion into a party frock for her daughter.  I found a perfect two-tone pink speckled fabric in my stash for the lining and away we went.

pink frog dress

The cut I was sent was a lot more than the pattern required so I made the skirt super gathered (almost 100 inches around!) with a deeper double-folded hem for extra body.


  1. I think it is very cute. Maybe I would have never thought before, but now I have a daughter. And she would adore it. So hence I do too :) Funny how that works, isn't it?

  2. This fabric is great. A book we have all about groups of animals says a knot but I agree a fester is much more satisfying!!

  3. Love it!! A fester of frogs .... I must try to insert it into a conversation at work today! Great dress and the fabric is amazing.