Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Olive and fuchsia flowers

I finally got my scissors into some of my new fabrics yesterday and I'm pleased to introduce my first coat of the season! One side is olive cotton sateen with pink and white flowers and lighter green stems and butterflies. It's one of my favourites of my new crop of fabrics.

It has two big fuchsia buttons to the side. I had planned on having loop closures for the buttons but (please note anyone else who uses this pattern!) as I found out at 2AM last night loops don't work on the asymmetrical coat. They are way too far over, almost onto the shoulder!

The other side is bright fuchsia needlecord velvet with olive buttons. The needlecord velvet is beautiful and soft and because it's cotton it's machine washable too!

If it looks absolutely massive on Maia, it should... It's a 3T/4T!


  1. Cute as a button!
    Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. absolutely gorgeous, coat and model :D

  3. Wow, once again, I would wear this if it was made in a size 'adult'.

  4. How gorgeous is that fabric. LOVE it!! Might have to drop some big hints to people for Izzy.

  5. I think that is now my favourite :) shame i don't ahve a little girl :(
    It's gorgeous