Sunday, 27 September 2009


I heart tulips

Remember my bubble skirt prototype? The reason I was trying it out was for this skirt, which is going to a little girl in Brighton. A little girl whose mum wrote that article on Babygadget that made me famous for a bit, so she's officially one of my favourite people.

Isn't this fabric gorgeous? I bought both this colourway and the red one, and mistakenly thought I liked the red one more. Nope, this is my favourite now. Green and turquoise are lush together, especially on an oatmeal background.

Just like people, this bubble skirt is equally pretty on the inside.


  1. Brodie says she likes it and if it were hers she would wear it everyday.

  2. I'm loving this fabric, cute skirt. xx

  3. I like that fabric too. The skirt is cute :)

  4. I love it. But I love being one of someone's favourite people even more! :D

  5. Love it, the fabric, the skirt, everything!