Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Jacketfest: Day two

Here's the results of day two of Jacketfest, a lovely little single-breasted number in more earthy tones. I liked the fabrics but I wasn't sure I loved them until I finished. But now I love them and I'm totally convinced it's worth taking a bus trip to get more. In fact, I'm more than a little desperate to make this coat for me.

One side has branches and berries in white, black and mustard on a deep grey background and three black buttons.

The other side picks up the black, white and mustard in a geometric leaf print and also has black buttons.

If I wasn't already married and there was legislation to allow it I'd totally marry these buttonholes.

And I'm happy to report that the 'awkward hand' phase seems to have run it's course, although she is showing her reluctance in other ways.


  1. Maia has such a cheeky face! Love the jackets, those fabrics are really lovely. Unfortunately I don't know any tiny people to buy them for! Must begin persuading my almost-sister-in-law to make me an almost-Aunty.

  2. fab jacket.. and that last picture is the best!

  3. Think I prefer the single breasted coat to yesterdays (both lovely tho!).

  4. OMG that last picture is brilliant!


  5. I LOVE your buttonholes too! thanks to the new sewing machine? and Maia is so pretty...the last pic is perfect!

  6. You should use the last pic - it shows off the contrast fabric inside ;-)

    Gorgeous coat though!

  7. This jacket is my absolute favorite so far. I love everything about it.

    Okay I have to say these poses are way better than her hand poses. Adorable.

  8. I love this fabric and the jacket is amazing.Well done Amanda! I love the fact that the berry side has a sort of casual look to it, and the leaf print is a really glam going out jacket. I know they will be a hit!