Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Let them eat cake. And by them, I mean me.

Way back in early July, I saw that delectation on Amy Lane's blog. Think it's just a cupcake? Oh, no, no, no... It actually a giant cake, made to look like a cupcake by skill and witchcraft. And, it's chocolate mint flavour. If I was to go to sleep, and dream of cupcakes, they would be chocolate mint flavour. I haven't been able to get these cupcakes out of my mind for months. So what's a girl to do? Well, I started stalking following her on Twitter. And then I started pestering her. But as she lives in Southampton and me in Edinburgh, I couldn't get my mitts on her cupcakes. I cried myself to sleep nightly. But then something alarming happened. People started taunting me:

I couldn't take it anymore:

Lucky for me, she's a multi-talented lady and sews too so I suggested I swap a pattern for cupcakes. Guess who was the winner in that swap? Me!

Now these cupcakes are so yummy that Amy deserves national (if not international) fame and celebration but she's struggling to find a courier that doesn't abuse them. Anyone got any recommendations for her? I'm thinking that if I can pass on all your helpful comments, she'll send me some more.


  1. If you don't save one of them for me for Friday then I'm turning round and coming home again.

  2. You'll have to eat it in the closet, because I'm not sharing with children. Yours, mine or otherwise.

  3. I'll bring ryvita for them ;)