Thursday, 8 October 2009


I know, it's unseemly to beg. But please.

This is supposed to be a post about the little girl from Brighton who received my metro dress, tulip skirt and woodland kimono. But it's really a post about how I want to move in with them and be their second child. Their house is so cool.

Just look at this bookcase. If I was to fall asleep and dream of bookcases, I would dream of this one. And then wake up crying, because it was just a dream.

Yep, nice skirt. Whatever. I can't tear my eyes away from that cool fort in the background. There's a better picture on Mockduck's blog. Which I didn't feel right stealing, because this post is supposed to be about the clothes.

But how can it be about the clothes?! Just look at this wallpaper. As soon as I saw this wallpaper, I immediately wrote a letter to my MP asking that it be legal for me to marry it. I haven't heard anything back yet but I think they're pretty busy trying to figure out if there is a road in Edinburgh that hasn't got a big trench in the middle yet. So they can dig a big trench in it.

While I'm gushing and lobbying to be Mockduck's other child, exactly how cute is my new sister this girl? It's hard to quantify, I thought about making a graph or something but I really should do some work today. But know this, her photo was in the Guardian last weekend and they'll probably be inundated with requests to join their family. I believe I'm the first to blog about it though, so I should get first refusal, right?


  1. Awww bless, and so incredibly stylish!

  2. How cool indeed!! Cool girl, wallpaper, house, garden AND clothes :)

  3. Ha ha, you know how to flatter a person! Come by any time for biscuits and we can talk about the adoption procedure.

  4. OMG! I am moving in! How dare they be cooler parents than me too, am def not letting my daughters see these photos :p

  5. I'm particularly impressed that you made a skirt that exactly tones with the fort.