Sunday 25 October 2009


Wardrobe of a potty-trainer

If there was one good thing about being sans computer for most of last week, I was very prolific on the sewing front. Being a masochist practical, I used the opportunity of the half-term holidays from nursery and childminder to toilet train Maia. To minimise accidents and laundry, she needed lots of skirts. And how many did she have in her wardrobe? None. So I whipped up a bunch of bubble skirts.

You might remember this fabric from my post on misfit fabrics. I've had it forever.

It very fortuitously matches her shoes. And it's reversible, to plain ol' fuchsia.

We spent so much time this week taking baby for walks. It's not embarrassing.

And another misfit fabric. As you can see from the picture, our back garden is only one fence away from Heaven.

And I bought a ridiculous amount of socks to turn into babylegs but these are the only ones she's had on. I was so overwhelmed by the crazy-ness of the socks that it didn't occur to me that they wouldn't match anything. And that it would look like she was going to a rave.

This skirt is my favourite. She wore it on our jaunt to Glasgow and earned quite a few tsks from older ladies who thought the fingers facing the other direction. I almost gave them a demonstration.

It's not reversible, but it does have a very cool polkadot lining.

And this is Jamie modelling the final skirt. For Social Services the record, it was at his request.

Cross-dressing and kissing his sister? Jerry Springer, here we come.


  1. Ace!! I've missed your blog. I feel we might need some skirts in our wardrobe too.
    So how is the potty training going? Or are we not talking abou it?

  2. good luck with the potty training, and the skirts are lovely

  3. Thanks ladies! Potty training is actually going well... I thought at the beginning of the week that we'd have to give up because she so wasn't into it and refused to sit on the potty. And constantly wet herself (and worse). But we've persevered and I think we've cracked it!

  4. Hope your potty training is going better than mine ;)

  5. love love love the guitar skirt what a lucky girl to get all those new clothes, erm baby legs wtf are they?

    good luck with the potty training - i think the time is coming to crack on with potty training little mindee this will be my 6th child to potty train what a stoopid job i have! {love it really}

  6. @vV: Haha, babylegs are basically leg warmers! They go from thigh to ankle and are much easier than tights for toilet training as you don't have to pull them down. These are the official ones:

  7. Love the guitar skirt. And what's wrong with looking like you're going to a rave?!

  8. oh my gosh these skirts are amazing!!! Sooooooo cute !These should be in stores!!!
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  9. Great post, I love the way you have presented the post, Nice work.

  10. Good Luck. You have a great work. Keep it up.

  11. so cute! thats both to maia and the skirts!!! they look fabulous. love the babylegs too. my dd is 3 and half and still prefers babylegs to tights.

    emailed you to, just reply wehn you get a chance as i know how hectic you are and theres no rush, just don;t want you to think i forgot to pay you lol

  12. I love these skirts! Maia looks soo cool in them. x

  13. You now the minute I finished reading this I went and bid on some babylegs on Ebay!! LOL

    You are such a bad influence Amanda!!

  14. OMG! Do you sell those skirts? You should! Absolutely adorable. We've been potty training, too, and I am so sick of taking pants on and off. And it's only been a few days! LOL.