Sunday, 15 May 2011


The Birthday Suit

birthday playsuit

As an uninteded consequence of Virgin and Blogger joining forces to deprive me not only the internet in general, but my blog in particular, I had the opportunity to knuckle down with Maia's birthday preparations. Of course, by 'knuckle down' I mean 'do everything the night before'.

birthday jumpsuit ties

Although she would have preferred a Princess Dress, as the celebrations were at the trampoline centre I jumped on the Jumpsuit Wagon with shorts to protect her modesty.

birthday playsuit 2

With bright pink leggings, sparkly butterfly sandals and Saccharine Bear she's upped the Girly Quotient to acceptable levels.

jamie and maia

Just look at how casual they are.

jamie and maia 2

For the record, Jamie does not normally dress like this. That's his pajamas.

birthday playsuit top

I used the same fabric as I did for her first birthday outfit, the very first year I sewed.

Jamie and Maia: Looking identical since 2008.

I have mixed feelings about the girl turning four; I'm not sure it's allowed for her to get big so quickly. At least she we have Jamie wearing PJs during the day as our constant.


  1. Happy Birthday! She looks gorgeous as ever!!

  2. Love the jumpsuit, I had much loved jumpsuit pyjamas in the 80's. Wore them until they were far to small for me. It was not a good look.

    My youngest turned 4 a few months back and I feel a bit sad about it as school will rush up now. Still, it will give me some much needed spare time to sew, iron or drink gin during the daytime if I so wish.

  3. Thanks goodness for that, I thought Jamie was wearing some hideous golf trousers until I read your explanation - phew!

  4. Liz echoes my thoughts exactly - I thought Jamie was off to the club for a quick 18 holes in those trews.

    Maia looks beautiful :)

  5. I love the jumpsuit and the fabric you've used, much classier than a princess dress (especially on a trampoline).

  6. She looks beautiful. And the picture of her at a year next to one of her at a big girl four makes my heart break just a little bit.

  7. My youngest had the nerve to turn five, start kindergarten, and lose her first baby tooth... all since last July!

    If you find a way to make it stop, please let me know!

    (P.S. Has Maia started working for Blogger? My verification word is "prencess.")

  8. She looks lovely! Great jumpsuit!

  9. sooooo cute. i wouldn't dare put tiny in it though, she'd never get to the loo in time!

  10. Too stinking cute! Glad to hear those were his jammies - I was wondering how someone with such awesome style could put a kid in stripes and plaids at the same time.

  11. Love it - can't believe she is FOUR! (back online, came here first x)