Sunday, 22 May 2011


Girl's Gone Geeky

thunderflower tunic

There are friend's of Friend Sarah visiting all the way from Canada and, as everyone knows, a friend of Friend Sarah is a friend of mine so I made a tunic for their daughter. The last time I made a tunic for this little girl she was in the throws of Princess Phase One, but I'm happy to report that now that she is seven the Princess Phase has burnt out and the girl's gone geeky.

thunderflower tunic detail

So I fashioned one of my all-time-favourite fabrics into a flouncy tunic with polkadot waist shaping. I have to admit, tales of girls going geeky gives me Hope for my own girly-girl.... maybe the glasses will help?


  1. OMG! I know the perfect bag to match ... it's the second time in the past week i have seen this wonderful material ...

  2. What a great tunic! Not sure what the geeky part is (is it the japanese style?) but I can imagine any girl would love a tunic like this one. Nice!

  3. I adore that fabric. And I'm glad Maia's gone geeky. I have high hopes for Rylee since she is offspring of two major geeks and already loves her "aliens" skirt.

  4. Great top I'm going to make a tunic top for H out of the pink thunderflower!