Wednesday 18 May 2011


Of Kitties and Cake Pops

Cupcake cake pops close-up

I know I've posted about the birthday suit but what of the birthday baking? Long-term readers will know that I haven't had a functional oven in over a year but that does not appear to lessen my ambition for elaborate last-minute baking using other people's ovens. And often a backpack.

Cupcake cake pops collection

I set my sights high this year after finding out about the existence of Cake Pops (from Regretsy of all places) a couple of weeks ago. For those unfamiliar with Cake Pops, they are small yet adorable confections on a lollipop stick, made from crumbled cake, binded with icing, dipped in candy coating, and then decorated with sweets. That right: Sugar x 4. They are so sweet that the roof of your mouth itches while eating them. A good kind of itch.

Hello Kitty Cake

Unfortunately, you can't stick candle in them so I also needed to bake a birthday cake for Maia and at least thirty of her closest friends and family. Falling somewhere between the realms of terrible baking and not terrible baking, a Hello Kitty cake was born. For the record: making your first attempt at piping, at 2AM, without proper icing bags is inadvisable.

Hello Kitty blowing candles

It was, at least, recognisable as a fair representation of Hello Kitty by a jury of four year olds.

Hello Kitty birthday girl
Note: I am actually 'wringing my hands' in this picture. Who thought that was just a figure of speech?

Alas, the last of the leftover icing was dispatched today. By myself with a spoon.


  1. Those are awesome, you clever lady! Love the little cake pops :)

  2. cake looks brilliant, very impressed. Love scoffing icing. Oh and Maia looks gorgeous.

  3. Mmmmm, cake pops. Bakerella is an evil genius.
    Also, cute cake!!

  4. So funny how often we are weirdly in sync. I discovered this just slightly before the regresty post and instantly decided "I'm all about cake pops now"

    I bow to you for picking a hard one to do first.

  5. I have to check this out now for Lucas's birthday in August....the cake pops that is, he's not really into Hello Kitty, though your art work is fabulous.

  6. Oh another non-functioning-oven family. Ours caught fire five years ago and all we have to replace it is a toaster oven of sorts. I baked 30 cupcakes 6 at a time for Luca's class this year. A reminder of why a new oven should be at the top of our purchase list instead of more fabric. hmm. Priorities.