Tuesday 7 June 2011


Bicycles on bags and a new appreciation for yellow

laptop case front

My good friend Mockduck is celebrating the (greatly deserved) procurement of a fantastic new job and needed a bag to protect her laptop. Ever the one to choose fabrics with a savvy eye, she put this Echino bicycle print together with a Monaluna Starburst...

laptop case inside

... and with two yellow zippers and a perfectly matching Cloud9 polkadot pocket its a riot of perfectly matching teals and saffrons.

laptop case zippered pocket

I have to admit, I wasn't a particular fan of yellow until recently. But seeing how well it works with turquoise (as well as on Pinterest where I've seen it with grey and red to a stunning affect) I think I'm now a huge fan. What say you to yellow? What do you like to pair it with?


  1. My son is designing his quilt for his bed I'm supposed to be making and wants blues, gray, a bit of green and gold/yellow. (Star Wars sheet colors) it goes amazingly well together.

    I made my 4yo a quilt, yellow is her favorite color and paired vintage yellow florals with hot pint and orange.

  2. *hot pink. I have no idea what color hot pint is.

  3. Hot pint sounds kind of yellow-y too ;-)

    Anyway, cute bag. And I love yellow. With grey especially. So classy!

  4. I'm only recently learning to love yellow (apparantly at age 4 I totally refused to wear yellow knickers!) but since I've been working on a few rainbow quilts where yellow is essential, I've added 4 or 5 in my stash ...and I actually quite like them :)

  5. So cute! I thought the sneaky peek was something for Maya's birthday so was minutely examining all the birthday pictures.

    I'm not a fan of yellow. I think I need to expand my horizons.