Friday 10 June 2011


For Scottish summer comes but once a year...

polkadot jumpsuit front

Scottish summer fell on 3rd June this year. One glorious day to last us the whole year. I mean, who would believe that the temperature would fall 13 degrees Celsius the next day (that's a whopping 24 degrees for you Fahrenheit fans) and stay there ever since? Answer: British folk.

polkadot jumpsuit shorts

So, really, Maia. I can understand why you look so glum. You know it's not going to last.

polkadot jumpsuit scoot

Nevertheless, I was prepared for Annual Scottish Summer Day because I've being working on her summer holiday clothes. You will have gathered that we are travelling to the homeland yet again, because if we were staying here her beach wear would look like this:

It will be evident to regular readers that I am becoming mightily jumpsuit obsessed which is 66% a projection of my own never-to-be-realised-jumpsuit-aspirations and 34% feck-it-there-is-no-matching-of-tops-and-bottoms-drama. This one is a polkadot interlock purchased donkey years ago from the mysterious M is For Make.

polkadot jumpsuit back

It's Friday night, we're all tired. It might seem like too much effort to comment. I will help you:
  • Obviously, I am more than willing to accept comments of the jumpsuit nature.
  • Or we could discuss weather. Although I am American I have lived in the UK for twelve years and, as such, a major milestone in my assimilation into the local population was my ability to be willing / able to discuss weather at any time. I am ready people: let's talk weather.
  • Finally, I will also be grateful for comments about Maia's hair. Albeit, it is possibly redundant to mention how beautiful it is. We all know that. But should it be shorn? The golden cape will be hot in warmer climes, and Dramagirl does not like being hot. Or cold. Or just right.


  1. I love the outfit and think even my 11 year old may wear something like that

  2. I have something with jumpsuits these days too. Maybe because I kind of said I was going to make one for myself (which I still didn't start, tomorrow, I promise), but they are so cute on those little ones especially!

    (And talking about the weather is a specialty we mastered here in The Netherlands too. So if you need a partner to complain about the rain and chilly wind, let me know ;-))

  3. British summer time; meh! There is little more to add sadly.

    And I noticed the hair, it has grown all-of-a-sudden and she looks like such a lovely young lady but I do know what you mean about heat and sweaty hair and beachy tangles. It'll always grow back is my moto! xxx

    Haha, word verification: remission

  4. That hair is so lovely it seems a shame to cut it off - but it would be worth it if there are likely to be daily battles putting it in styles which are cooler. I have no talent for darling little hairstyles thus my daughter has a funky bob....I bet you are ace at hair, though?

  5. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous fabric, gorgeous jumpsuit!

    I concur about the lovely summer we had this year, it certainly was a beautiful day, back to eternal chill now lol

    And she certainly does have beautiful hair, but as a mother of girls I understand the moaning and foot stamping that can ocur due to beautiful long hair and heat combining. So I would say cut it shorter, it will grow back in time for christmas ;)

  6. I too enjoyed the Scottish summer last week which was then followed by hail and thunder. Love the jumpsuit-that would definitely make getting ready for nursery much quicker! :)

  7. no don't cut her hair! it is gorgeous before you even gave the comments options i was looking at the photo's admiring her beautiful hair. You will just have to learn a squillion ways to braid it instead. ok?

  8. Love the jumpsuit.

    Don't chop her hair! Her hair looks almost exactly like Rheya's (if I actually ever brushed it and made it look most people would kill for long, thick, beautiful hair, it would be a shame to cut it.

  9. It almost goes without saying how cute the jumpsuit is, not to mention the total attitude stance of Maya in the first picture.

    So let me offer some insight into the hair, straight from the mouth of a professional (i.e. the woman who cut my hair in Maryland who also had a little girl and so She Knows). This decision is soon to be taken from your hands. You have another year, tops, before she decides to cut it short herself. Long is in for the preschool crowd, but apparently as soon as Real School starts they all want shorter haircuts. So if she'll live with it, enjoy it one more year.

    I forget the year they first do highlights. I think high school, so start saving now.

  10. a: Jumpsuits: My daughters think they are really cool. I remember them from the 90's (I had two and both were polka dotted... hmmm). But as a mom, all I can think of is the potential for the top half of their outfit to touch the bathroom floor every potty break. Frankly I can barely tolerate the idea of the bottom half of an outfit merely grazing the bathroom floor... When did I get like this? (I have been known to lose my mind in a psychotic break when my youngest started picking up unidentifiable crud from the floor of a Walmart restroom.)

    2. Weather - It's been stinkin' hot here in the midwest. It poured buckets and buckets of rain every day last month and when straight to blazing hot. Where did spring go? The poor farmers are screwed.

    3. I can almost never advocate the cutting of a little girl's hair. This doesn't mean I haven't seen little girls with adorable haircuts, but I love a little girl with long hair. My youngest has waist length hair. Love it!


    Loving the playsuit btw!

  12. Meh, just braid the hair and call it a day, unless she asks for a cut. My little one's hair is finally long enough for pigtail braids and I freakin love it because when you tightly bound those locks in braids They Do Not Get Tangled. hoo-rah!

    We had Canadian Summer already too, I think. There's been a few times where we had the heat on and then the AC on and then the heat on again within a 72 hour period. Hate. It's settling for a spring weather though so I'll take it as long as I can pretend to suntan a bit.

    How do kids pee in those? I think they'd look cute on my nearly-four-year-old but I think if I had to help her out of it to pee that would totally null out the handiness of only one garment.

  13. i think her hair is beautiful.
    and the jumpsuits are cute. how are they on the potty trained? trouble getting in and out of? my little one lived in them last year and ive just been afraid of the extra effort this summer with her using the potty now.

  14. whoops- i just read through and saw laura commented on the same thing. so, how do kids pee in them? :)

  15. Mysterious Kate here. Leave the hair, plait it, tie it up do anything to keep it.

    Love the jump suit too, looks great in that fabric, but yes like everyone else, I want to know, is it a nightmare to get to the toilet in?

    Whole weather thing drives me mad. People are constantly telling me the weather forecast and they are always wrong, why oh why? If I want to know the forecast I can go to the BBC weather website.

  16. Hair is gorgeous as is - when my girls' hair gets long I just plait it, or put it in a twisty-bun i.e. ballerina bun - keeps it tidy on hot or nursery days but can be down when wanted. Love the jumpsuit! and totally agree about the scottish summer - you made me chuckle :)

  17. Would it be *very* wrong to admit to owning a jumpsuit? Obviously I only wear it in the privacy of my own garden. At night. When it's foggy.

  18. Munchkin has a denim jumpsuit which is unfortunately getting a bit too small now, but I still love it. Although hers is front fastening, so less of a challenge when she needs a wee. She finds it quite funny getting nearly all 'nekky nekky' to go to the loo :)
    I don't think we've had our Lancashire summer yet, do you think it will travel down from Scotland soon? Or has it got lost on the way?

  19. We have a days worth of summer here in Ireland too - ours was somewhen in April.
    As for the hair, don't cut it unless she wants to. You can always plait it or stick it up in a scrunchie bun (to match the jumpsuit perhaps?).

  20. I love this jump suit! Very lovely - fancy making H one?!!!