Tuesday 21 June 2011


The reality does not live up to the expectation

Turns out, blondes don't have more fun. (Unless they find doing their taxes fun, in which case they have a blast.) Blondes also don't make the summer clothes her family needs for their holidays next week, because it's so flipping miserable out that they can't even imagine a world where summer clothes are required. They lack the blow-drying skillz of the professionals and no longer look ten years younger. They look like Justin Lee Collins:

Basically: me

They don't finish the very last details of their craft rooms they've been working on for a month because Pinterest has made them feel inadequate. They do, however, make Kindle covers for Friend Sarah's boyfriend.

pac man kindle cover closed

Introducing Kindle Cover V.148, another addition to the Geekatarium.

pac man kindle cover detail

A flap with elastic keeps the Kindle from roaming around whatever larger receptacle in might find itself in. I'm not saying he has a man bag. I'm just saying.

pac man kindle cover open

I have included a neoprene inner lining for safety's sake. Do not even stab it with your pencils, Tony, I have thwarted you. Probably.

If people don't want to talk about the Kindle cover, feel free to congratulate me on finishing my taxes half a year early. People who live in lands graced by the yellow orb in the sky can tell me what people wear in such alien places. Hairdressers can offer their services.


  1. His hair looks exactly like mine following the first post cut wash. I tried straighteners but it was a disaster. As for you: picture or it didn't happen...

  2. Mine too. I loathe my wavy hair. This weather has been particularly mean to it and me.

  3. Congratulations on doing your taxes, I'm dead impressed.

    And, your hair no doubt looks 100% better than mine.

    I remain unconvinced that there will be a summer this year, and am looking at buying a pair of wellies for summer footware this year.

  4. LOL, love your post. This is EXACTLY why I have been afraid to go short. Wavy hair - grrr... I wear a ponytail everyday. It's pathetic.

  5. Congratulations on the kindle cover. I love it, and love the pacman fabric. As for the hair, can't help you there, I pretend I am just doing a messy updo most of the time

  6. Aww! Hasn't anyone told ye?
    Summer was on the first Tuesday of May this year, and the rest of the season has been cancelled due to lack of public interest!

    The Kindle cover looks very appropriate. I salute you on not using up the Superman's Red Satin Cape material that you have lurking in your stash someplace. No wait! that's me and my stash...!!
    I've no cool material like yours. What's it called?
    Any chance it's available online?

  7. Love the kindle cover. My hair just frizzes in this damp weather....xxx

  8. When I went with bangs a few months ago I had a terrible Steve Perry stage. I had to cut it all off. Now it looks like a motorcycle helmet.

  9. Don't say that about the hair. I'm booked in for highlights and a cut and blow dry on Sat. I demand to look 10 years younger!! Still I couldn't look any worse than I do at the moment. The rain makes my hair look like Justin Lee Collins too!

  10. I do hope you mean only to imply that your hair on your scalp looks similar to his... If not, perhaps Groupon will offer a deal for waxing services.

    I've been seeing the sun... it's a touch overrated here as we were blessed with about 975% humidity and I was dumb enough to wear black today.

    Brunettes don't have any fun either.

  11. that is very cool! Hair - this is something that remains tied up at all times unless i'm sleeping. It does not visit the hairdresser very often (not been for over a year), gets washed once a week and uses no products! Taxes, thats something my best mate does for my dad!

  12. Loving the Kindle cover, i'm hoping to buy one soon but i'm sure the cover I make won't look half as cool.

    I join the frizzy hair gang too, given up straigtening and trying to make it look normal in this weather!

  13. How did my hair get on that man?! lol! I have several things that really help: a big round brush which I was told to use by heating my hair on it (with the blow dryer of course) then letting it "cool" for 10 seconds or so before pulling it away. That helps sometimes. I also use a smoothing cream and if the weather is humid or wet (which is at least 75% of the year here), I use my flat iron/straightener after all that (forget it if I don't use the round brush). It's kind of a lot of work at first, but now it takes me 15 minutes and I don't wash it every day.
    (Did you really want hair advice? I feel a little silly dispensing such on a blog comment, but I feel your pain.)
    As for the Kindle cover...it's pretty much brilliant. all of it!

  14. Loving the Kindle cover. I'm jealous.

  15. love love love the kindle case it is geek-tastic! I'm still not sure about getting a kindle myself.. but i still covet it anyway.

  16. I love the kindly cover. I may try and make something similar for my phone. With regard to the hair, i thought the messy look was in? That is what i tell myself anyway..

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