Sunday 15 January 2012


If this was my journal I would use it to chart the incidence of the word 'Pardon'


Despite the fact that being in the company of my children for prolonged periods of time is a gift in-and-of-itself, I also made a couple of small gifts for their various caregivers. For Jamie's teacher I made this fabric covered notebook in Alexander Henry's pretty tulip print. I didn't make a gift for his teacher last year, but I've had quite a bit of contact with his teacher this year due to the re-emergence of his hearing problem. I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog, but he's struggling to hear well again and we are back in the system to get it sorted. By 'get it sorted' I mean wait two months, find out the referral was never actioned, wait another two months, have an appointment that deems his hearing acceptable, and then get discharged.

makeup bag 2
Pictured: a gift for Maia's childminder. Not pictured: segues between topics

Armed with a letter from said teacher confirming that there is definitely a problem (thereby making me appear at least 65% less neurotic / fantasist / Munchausen's by proxy), and a very painful yet comical discussion with the GP where Jamie said 'Pardon?' sixteen times in a row, we're back in the system for a second time this year. I absolutely don't know what to do if they say his hearing is fine again.


  1. Those are really cute! good luck getting the hearing situation sorted. It's really hard to test hearing in small kids. If they say it's fine again, might be time to see someone else.

  2. Lovely work. It's so frustrating to get a doctor to look seriously at a complaint these days. We went to five doctors when my son was an infant before one finally did an ultrasound on him and ordered a rush surgery. Your the mom, you know something isn't quite right, so keep up the fight.

  3. Good luck getting him referred again...I suppose we're lucky as Ethan just had his grommets/adenoids/tonsil operation in August...and already in the last few weeks he is saying 'pardon' & 'mummy I can't hear you' more than anything else. He hasn't yet had his follow up appointment with audiology (it's tomorrow) so we don't have to fight to get back in the system. I'm slightly dreading it...don't want to have to put him through another op :(

  4. gorgeous gifts, fantastic idea to take a letter from the teacher to add more weight. Have you got your gp to chase them up? Ours was fab at pushing an eye referral through. You must feel very at home in outpatients now! Hope all gets sorted very soon though xx

  5. Good luck with the GP. As a member of the profession, I'd like to issue a blanket apology - it's damn hard to find a good doctor! I've been in several situations where I've gone to an appointment with a family member and I don't usually start the conversation off with, "I'm a doctor," but when we're getting stonewalled it's a useful line. Maybe you could say, "I'm not a doctor, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night and I know my child has a hearing problem.". Or just refuse to leave - those types of patients usually get what they want!

  6. Argh, we've had exactly the same with Lewis's re-referrel to ENT this time - one appointment where we were told there was definite hearing loss, but to wait then another one 2 months later saying 'his hearing's fine, he just has glue ear'. So why can't he hear anything? I know they are reluctant to perform unnecessary surgery but they need to do something! He's been prescribed an inhaler for the meantime anyway, hopefully that will help.
    Rant over - I hope Jamie gets something sorted out very soon!