Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The Itinerant Gamer

DS holder front
Can I just state for the record that within four hours of Laura saying 'OMG how do you keep you nails so long?!' three quarters of them broke and the rest needed to be cut to match? She is clearly a voodoo practitioner.

Rather than drag a stack of near-empty cases back and forth to the States with us, I made Jamie an early Christmas present of a nifty DS carrier. The red fabric contains a thick rigid board inside of it with a pocket to each side using a French terry with a huge amount of Lycra (and therefore good stretch recovery). One pocket for slipping the DS inside, the other pocket...

DS holder insert

Has a hard-back book with slots for individual games, with a ribbon tab for ease of pulling it out of the pocket. If I was to do it again (and I will at some point as Maia got a DS for Christmas too), I'm going to attempt to figure out how to add a zipper around the book for extra security lest a game fall out when the carrier is knocking about every-which-way in their backpacks.

In other news, Long-term Top Secretness is being revealed within the week. I'm very nervous.


  1. I think if you made up the two sides of the cover (ie. put in the pouch for the DS and the pockets for the game thingies), and then sandwiched a zip between the two (you'd have to pin and then baste) and topstitched the whole lot together, you could incorporate the zip without too much trouble.

  2. Wow - you ARE the queen of gadget holders. So impressive. And your mom's purse - unbelievable.