Thursday, 19 January 2012


The Joy to the World Dress

mushroom dress 3

Even though it is almost closer to next Christmas than the Christmas past, I hope I'm forgiven for the late sharing of Maia's Christmas dress? Rather than go all fancy or frocky or frou frou like Christmas dresses of yester-year, I decided to make her a dress that would hopefully get a lot of wear all year round. And if Christmas is supposed to be about joy, you don't get much more joyful that smiley mushroom people cavorting amidst rainbows....

mushroom dress 5

Wearing your new Hello Kitty slippers (thereby rendering your mum's attempted photo shoot null and void). Wait. You want more joy?


Beading: The Most Thrilling Fifteen Minutes Ever.

beading 2

She was genuinely demented with excitement.


  1. Fabulous dress, fabulous small girl, fabulous everything.

    Demented with excitment is a damn good thing to be, I reckon.

  2. "Genuinely demented with excitement" is the best phrase I've heard in ages. Thank you!

  3. Freakin adorable that girl. I love that fabric and the little girl in me is seriously jealous I didn't have one when I was little! Could I get away with it at 42? Perhaps not.