Thursday 16 May 2013


Capturing Childhood: The Workshop

class 1

I made a whirlwind trip down to London last weekend for the inagural Capturing Childhood Photography Workshop, travelling down on the train on Friday and back up to Edinburgh on Saturday!  After completing their Collect the Moments and Manual Overdrive e-courses, I was curious as to how much more the workshop would offer.  Obviously, the correct answer is heaps.

both Kats

The workshop took place in a stunningly beautiful studio with the most amazing light.  The morning consisted of lessons from Kat and Kat on various topics interdispersed with tasks to test what we were learning.  Most helpful to me personally was learning about aperture; shutter speed and ISO I've been able to (more-or-less) wrap my head around but aperture nous remained elusive.  Consequently, I mostly shoot in TV mode and let my camera decide aperture.

flower 1

But hark! I think I understand it now! The pictures I took on Maia's birthday were indoors with low light (a normal indication of impending failure) and I shot in AV for the first time ever.

latterns 1

We also had a very interesting guest lecture from a professional stylist Poppy Norton about dressing photoshoots, and a late afternoon walk about Shoreditch to practise our outdoor shots.

outside pics 7

It was so helpful to be able to pick their brains on the spot about which settings to use rather than poring over diagnostics afterwords to figure out which combinations worked best.  Or didn't, as is often the case for me.



graffiti 2

breakfast club 2

Those of you on Instagram might have seen that I had my own contribution to the workshop (which of course I didn't get pictures of before they were doled out) but nevertheless exist and Kat can prove it:

Spots and Chevrons - camera straps made for our workshop students.

Rainbow camera straps for the goodie bags! They are comfortably padded and quilted straps with red leather ends and adjustable webbing. After I complete my outstanding orders and get the grown-up Skater Dress out to testers they'll be available in my shop.


  1. Looks amazing! I so wish I could take good photos. Really feel that my lack of photography skills holds me back re getting good shots for the blog and website etc. The visual stuff is so important. I just shut down when people start talking about the technical stuff tho!! Love those camera straps!

  2. Amanda I don't have the words to express how much I love you and the support you have given us. We were so glad to have you at the workshop with us and those camera straps, maaaaan, they are mighty fine! Kat x

  3. It was great to meet you at the workshop. And for the new camera strap alone has inspired me to pick up my camera and snap more...I LOVE it! Thank you so so much x

  4. I love those camera straps!

  5. Absolutely brilliant job! I need some serious lessons on how to better use my lovely camera. I'm a sucker for a good filter to correct whatever mess I shoot. I love those camera straps, they are perfection.

  6. I was so close to booking onto this course. If only I'd known about the camera straps! Oh, and the chance to meet you ;)

  7. Oh man so good! I really really want to take a photog course! {does that make me sounds cool saying photog?}