Wednesday 15 May 2013


Princess Seamed Skater Dress

Princess seamed skater dress full 2

During Kids Clothes Week, as well as playing around with the Skater Dress pattern to make a peplum top, I also played around with giving the bodice princess seams.  I only had the tiniest of scraps of Blue Vikings left and never got a chance to use it before it disappeared.  As good a time as any?

Princess seamed skater dress close

Despite starting it a couple of weeks ago I only made it as far as the bodice and bindings before putting it aside because I wasn't entirely convinced it was working.  Feelings of guilt that I hadn't made anything specifically for her birthday made me pick it up and finish it yesterday...  A weirdo dress is better than no dress, amirite?

Princess seamed skater dress back

The original plan was to pipe the seam lines and I did that to the back bodice before the OMGCurliness of the trim (and the resulting seam ripping) made me forgo piping the front.  Of course, I wish I had now because I dig it.  Just walk backwards holding the hair cape, girl.

Princess seamed skater dress full 1

I think the piping works as it separates the side panels and their expanse of blue from the centre print with its predominant blue- the seam lines get kind of lost and the print kind of runs into the plain. Another idea I had was to mix two prints within the bodice.  Is a princess seam bodice hack something you'd like me to share?


  1. Yes, please!

  2. SO freaken cute!! This almost makes me want to have another baby in the hope it's a girl so I can make it...almost!

  3. Ah so cool! That piping with the cute print is a winner for me. And your little girl is always the cutest.

  4. Heck Yes! Of course, now I need to buy the Skater Dress pattern. Just like with the Dolman top, you keep showing all these cool variations and I go from I don't need the pattern to I MUST have that pattern!;)

  5. Yes, please share! I love these colors together and think that viking print is so fun!

  6. Ooh very nice, sadly it is probably outwith my capabilities right now but it looks tres swish

  7. The piping does look great and so accurate. I am in wool world at the moment but sewing will be back on my list soon. Jo x

  8. Totally! I'd love a princess hack tute on this! and now that you've done it you can finish a new dress for miss birthday girl. (cause if your anything like me I'd call the dress done and wouldn't "go back" to edit it. ) It's fabulous btw.

    p.s. just put her hair in a high bun whenever she wears it. maybe even make her a see through coat (in the back any way) -worth a thought.

  9. yes please! I totally love the piping :)

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  11. Yes, please! I've been dreaming of princess seams. x

  12. Very cute. I like the piped back better too. but it still looks cute in the front too. I am All for the mix and match concept too as i have a lot of very cute jersey prints that are just 0.5 m long. I was thinking about how i could do this with the skater dress - princess seams is the solution. i have actually done this Kind of pattern hack (was a ottobre Kids pattern from the Winter Ossis 2012) myself too when I made my daughter a dress from sweater knit i had scored on the e-Bay and the pieces where only half the normal width...
    greets, susanne