Tuesday 28 May 2013


One ironing board to bring them all and in the darkness blind them

ironing board cover 3

I'm delighted to add another addition to the Least Exciting Things I've Made series! Completely necessary though as oh dear god our last ironing board cover was gross, ripped, and stained.  If I'm going to be photographing some tutorials the very least I can do is make my ironing board glorious, right?

ironing board cover 1

And by glorious I mean garish.  I figured it will match all the things, or none of the things.  Like most things that are of paramount importance to humanity, I will keep you posted.

ironing board cover 2

By way of apology for tempting you here with mundanities, I'll give you a tiny glimpse of my sewing room.  Remember that time I said, 'Hey you guys, I finally realised it's okay to spend money making this space work for me'?  Me neither.


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  2. I love those bright and happy pics!

    1. You're only saying that because you caught a glimpse of the true room :)

  3. That is an ironing board cover that would inspire me to iron. Maybe not quite to enjoy it but definitely not dislike it as much as I do. You have some amazing fabrics on that shelf.

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  4. You are too funny! Love the cover. I need to make one for my ironing board. :)

  5. Brilliant. I love it. I'm a sucker for garish - it's my first choice and I regularly have to roll back from there :)
    Look at those piles of fabric!!! I'm drooling.

  6. I would gladly sleep on that lovely ironing board...or snuggled up in the glorious piles of fabric!!